Seagate 500GB Replacement

I have An Original Xbox 360 Console, and am out of space and hdd caddies, wanted to replace 1 of the 3 already upgraded (orig 20GB) 120GB Hard Drive

I previously Swapped the 20GB Hard Drive inside the Caddy with 120GB before and have 3 now, (currently 2 Toshiba Drives and 1 seagate)

However i’m at the point now where i have 3 hard drives full and i dont want to delete anything more on them, and fed up swapping them round… so being the kind of person i am i decided to do another upgrade, and have encountered a problem

i had a spare 500GB Seagate Hdd and wanted to upgrade the 120 GB with it, and there doesn’t appear to currently be a tutorial on this. and the one i did find has lead me on to a dead end, pending a reply from the author of one which is written for the 320GB seagate…


has anyone got a straight forward method for getting this to work? seagate 500gb as a replacement for an Original Xbox 360 Console?

if not i think i’m close to a very simple method and would like some input, i’m a member here and have paid subscriptions here (was a diamond member) fatxplorer claims to be able to do it also, but want fee, i would rather support this team and hopefully succeed as there doesn’t appear to be much on the web regarding solving this issue. currently messing with these websites. and am thinking about using the rx tx ports and connecting them via my mother board on my super duper desktop… and simply change the parameters to those recognized by the xbox360 (eg wd or toshiba).
utilizing the following websites if your interested.

Utilizing the following software:


Utilizing the following data:

any positive input appreciated





Xbox 360 hard drives are fatx format and you can’t just replace it with another hard drive. You need a program like FatXplorer to make this possible, it will allow you to backup and transfer the contents of your old drive to the new larger drive while also letting you make adjustments so you can use the increased storage capacity of the new drive. Also, not every drive drive is compatible with every 360, check Here for more info. Good luck with this.

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hey Anyone/All and last but not least ;0 Steve Wonda



however i think (hopefully) i have a solution… Acronis Disk Director 11 Home…
Found this via :

I’ll keep you posted…