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Searching some German Player's


My name is Manuel aka LordSaphir
I search some nice German Player
For playing some great games like : Far Cry 5 , Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands , Warframe , League of Legends , Darrk Souls 3 , Black Ops 3 , World at War 2 , Ark and more

My Steam Profile :

My Teamspeak Server : why Teamspeak for me is Teamspeak better and i use Teamspeak over 5 Years ^^

PS : only german players i cant really good speak english


Well leaves me out.


what / was ?


You. Said. Only. German. Players.
And. I. Said… well.
L e a v e s . Me. Out…
I . Do. Know. . A german. Man. On. Here. He. Mite. Be.
Interested. ??
And he is a " high up " been . Here. A long .time


He is a meanie though


i dont know hat you mean


i dont know what you say


He is mean and bites


what this mean ?
please make this understandlie


I’m a high up?

And. Why. You. Write. Like. Cuck?


sry i dont really understand this english
it’s very hard to understand this english words and sentences
Please write in a underrstandlie english (english for german user/player/people)


Ok. Lets. Start over.
You said german players only and i said " ok leaves me out then , because im not german !
Then i said i do know a man ( boy ) on here thats been here a long time and he is german


@N1ceToMeetYou. I try to write so he understands ( he is german )
And ya you are hig up here. Been here long time and know your stuff !


That must be a joke :rofl:




Meine Familie kommt aus Deutschland (Oma und Opa - beide Eltern), aber mein Deutsch koennte besser sein. Ich kann nicht auf Deutsch sehr gut denken. Suche fuer Telarius auf Steam (Ich habe zwei Katzen in meinem Bild).

Ich hoere gern Unheilig und die Toten Hosen, aber oft habe ich ein bisschen schwierigkeit verstanden. I don’t use German often since my grandparents passed over 20 years ago, but still try to use it when I can. I can “get by”, but occasionally need Google Translate with some words (vocabulary has diminished).

@N1ceToMeetYou just calls it as he sees it. I think it is in the blood, my family is the same way (including me). My mother was an English teacher, so I’ve learned to be tactful when necessary (primarily so I wouldn’t get fired at my places of employment)!


I’m confused :frowning:


I made an attempt to type a response in German (but my ability has diminished). @STN joking said, “He is mean and bites” when you were mentioned. My response was you simply say exactly what you think.

My family is from Germany (all my grandparents), and everyone in my family says exactly what is on their mind. I was merely joking it is “in our blood” for those of German heritage to say exactly what we think. My mom was an English teacher, so she pushed me to be “more tactful”. Had she not, I probably would have been fired by saying exactly what was on my mind.

Hopefully that makes more sense. I’m up earlier than usual. My cat barfed on the floor and woke me up, I’m not completely awake yet after cleanup duty.


Ohhh now I understand it perfectly. Was reading your english sentence differently and didn’t get it at first. Thanks for clarifying.

And I was able to understand your german sentence perfectly. I mean errors here and there but understandable


Well im german but bro Teamspeak sucks.