Season Pass News I didnt Know!

So I walked into my local gamestop to get my slip to pickup call of duty tonight and the lady was like so you want to season pass to and I was like nahhh lol. Then she went on to say that it UNLOCKS ZOMBIES mode immediately when you redeem the season pass so I just wanted to let you guy know apparently there is a zombies mode that needs to be unlocked.

News bot beat you…

fackkk you news bott nvm then ahahaha mod clsoe please lmoa!

glad i got day zero verson i get mind in less than 4 hours

CoD is still trash.

Everyone says it, but they’ll be playing it sooner or later.

They’re getting that extra 20 out of you too easily.

I defiantly wasn’t looking to pay $100 for the whole digital copy.