Second Extinction Cheats and Trainer for Steam

All the cheat no work from last upgrade of the game 2ds ago

so why not make the trainer for the windows version cuz game pass is cheaper then paying for games no one ever makes the cheats for the windows versions i dont see why not its better like deep rock atleast its cross play on windows

I suppose is cuz window pass u pay $14:99 monthly, Epic and steam u buy u keep plus both give discounts in a lot games

Hey bei mir funktionieren jegliche Cheats für Second Extinction nicht mehr, habe das spiel und auch WeMod schon neu installiert, aber nix geht, hat jemand vielleicht ne idee oder lösung???

the game have upgrade this week so all of the cheat no work into they get upgrade too so we have to wait or push the game in the queue for upgrade i guess

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please update it for the newest SE version :slight_smile:

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Only ones that work are “No Spread” “No Reload” and “No Recoil”

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does a trainers will be make for microsoft store version ?

Instant Kill, Unlimited Health and Infinite Gadgets instantly untoggle when I toggle them on!

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Looking forward for an update. So far i have non of them working on current game version.

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i only got the bottom 3 to work

Please update this trainer! Ty!

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Just putting another comment down for confirmation that the selections are broken except the middle three.

nobody is pushing so still no even in the queue list :frowning:

When I Use The Unlimited Health And Instant Skill Cooldown It Untoggled on when I Try To Activate It Dont Know If That Is A issue On My End Or The Trainer And Its Still Not Compatible If That’s The Reason Its Not Working.

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the trainer still broken my friend

Well Thats A Feels Bad They Are Usually On Top Of It >_<

yea look like no much ppl is play this game atm so nobody is pushing on queue hope they fix soon :frowning:

I hope so too because I love the fluff out of this game hence my name i love raptors :< lets hope they get to us or update :smiley: lets stay positive.