Who is SecureSpoon57?

Thats an account i shouldn´t change, the app tells me.

WeMod auto creates an account for you if you are not signed in so you can continue earning WePoints. Once you sign out of the account it will be deleted. You can change accounts by clicking the arrow in the top right then click Switch User.

thank you, if i wan´t to switch user to my username, i am getting an error-message: the username already taken, and the e-mail-adress already taken.


Can you explain a little more what help you’re wanting please? I’m not entirely sure what you’re wanting assistance with :confused:

thank you, the user in the application is: SecureSpoon57. Now i wan´t to switch him to my username. But then i get the following message: “the username is already taken, and the e-mail-adress already taken”.

So to clarify you wanted to just switch your name to the randomly generated name?

I wan´t to switch to my registered name - from the name: SecureSpoon57 (which is randomly generated i think).

You’re saying when you click this:
You can’t switch to your own user with your credentials?

This has happened to a lot of users from what I’ve seen and clicking the ‘Switch User’ button then signing in with your own username and password always worked.

If you run into an issue when signing into your account, can you post a screenshot of the message?

Let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now it worked. Thank you.

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Glad to hear it!

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