See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

Long live the Buster.

Such a sad song :cry:

Damn this is good.

There’s no brakes on the feeltrip :anguished:

Saw Furious 7 last night they played this at the end of the movie in tribute to paul.

Spoiler for anyone who wants to know how they deal with paul walkers death in the movie.

[details=Open Me]Paul doesn’t die in the movie. The CGI is so good you can’t even tell. That being said they had him cruising along side dom in a white supra while dom is in his charger then splitting up and driving away into the hills /credits roll…

Holy crap someone already uploaded it on youtube lol.


Much emotions. So wow. :cry:

:’( STOP THE FEELS. I never thought I would be in a room with grown men crying.

It killed me when he called Mia, only because I know she did that scene after his death and you can see it in her eyes trying to hold everything in.

I never ever cry in movies, and the first one that made me cry was Furious 7… But I’ve been watching them since I was like 5 or 6 going to every single theater release. So so sad :anguished:

I had no idea when they started the scenes with his replacement (Brothers/CGI). I was sat up paying really close attention looking for it the entire time. I’ll be honest they did an amazing job. The movie imo was about a 7/10 but it got me to tear up a bit towards the end.

GOD DAMN. I swear someone’s cutting onions in here…

Furious 7 is an amazing movie and the end really hit me hard.

Saw Furious 7 today. What an awesome movie! Really, it’s worth a watch.


I cried
damn sand in my eyes again

C’mon, I know it’s sad but you all need to take a cup of cement and harden up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:
Great movie :thumbsup:

Not even going to lie man this song hit me hard, The feels are real with this one.