Select Hard Drive

I recently installed the WeMod app and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work on my PC. Fast forward a bit and I figured out it auto installed to my windows hard drive C:// when my steam is installed on my SSD B://. It would be nice if you updated your installer to include a custom installation option and change where its installed, maybe I am just missing it but the App never let me choose the drive.

I ended up just manually cutting and pasting the folder to the correct drive and works now with little problem except for my security software thinking it malware which its not.

WeMod detects games from all drives, not just the one that is installed on. Did you give it time to populate?

Yep, and I reinstalled it multiple times the only time it ever worked was when i moved to the same drive

Have you ever reinstalled Windows while keeping Steam installed on that drive? Normally, Steam adds a registry value specifying where it’s installed.

If you know how to read the registry, it would be here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Valve\Steam\InstallPath

And, just to confirm, Steam itself is installed on B:\ (not just your games), correct?

Yes I have 3 hard drives C:// is my windows operating system D:// is for my main files and B:// is for steam and most of my games. Ive never reinstalled windows, im not to sure about the registry. My only thought is the B:// drive is recently installed so it might not be recognizing things there. Either way its working now just though it would be nice having an option to install the App in another drive or folder.