Select Install Location?

Hello, I’m trying to install wemod to a selected directory and can’t figure out how. I don’t see a select install location when trying to and my efforts in searching have not yielded any results.

WeMod does not allow you to change install location. It is automatically installed to appdata.

Thank you for the quick reply much appreciated, would love to see the option added as I’m one of those main drive is for OS’s only kind of people.

Honestly, the fact that it doesn’t have this option yet is extremely disappointing, I will not be able to even use WeMod until an option like this becomes available, as I’m currently in a situation where I do not own a computer of my own, do not have the funds or current income to purchase a computer of my own (and it may end up being a While before i do). I am currently borrowing a friend’s laptop and have Everything I own on an external hard-drive. Would there be any way to move the files over and still have it work at all?

Yes you can move the files.