Selling Over 50K Personal Car

All Credit to Newport 7s from 7s

I am going to tell you how to sell your own personal car that you bought for over 50k.

Step 1. Start off in single player go to online and start a invite only session.

Step 2. Then go to online options and set spawn location to “Last Location”

Step 3. Drive your personal car close to LSC and then get out and go find some random car.(That you can sell)

Step 4. Drive random car into LSC.

Step 5. Now go to sell tab and sell the car as soon as you press sell then hit start then LB/L1 and press A/X then A/X again on Playstation Store thing after that loads up hit B/O on and you should be in your personal car. Do this “literally” as fast as possible.(May not work on first try)

Step 6. If it puts you into your personal car just drive into LSC and it should be on the sell menu. (If it don’t find another random car and repeat steps 3-5)[The mechanic will say something after you drive personal car into garage there will be a loading circle at bottom right wait for it to go away then sell the car and stuff]

Step 7. Then if it is on sell menu just hit sell then hit start then LB/L1 and press A/X then A/X again on Playstation Store thing after that loads up hit B/O.

Step 8. Keep repeating step 7 over and over till you have desired amount.

If you are unsure about all this and think it might sell your car follow the steps to duplicating your car right here. Duplicate any owned car (Online) | Se7enSins Gaming Community

For some people it may not work. Maybe due to slow internet? Or it just isn’t running fast enough? But I assure you that I have been doing it most of the day and it still works and for a lot of people it has been working, for the rest that can’t get it to work I am sorry and wish I could help you out with getting it to work. There is just nothing that I really know why it wouldn’t work for you.

Second Method

Easy Tutorial Video!

Oh wow I thought you was selling a car to other people. This has been posted before I think.

This method doesn’t work. At all. My friend and I have been doing this for ages, and it doesn’t work. All it does is makes ya wait another 50 min to sell another vehicle.

Selling regular upped cars has been posted. Selling cars worth over 50k has not. I believe you get around 200K for a bugatti.

So is it like the regular glitch with the bike/car but with a more expensive car?

Theres a bunch of people vouching for it on the 7s thread and you’re gonna tell me it doesn’t work?

I don’t consider 4 people out of 30 a bunch, whatsoever. I’m trying to find a motorcycle now, as 2 out of the 4 said use a motorcycle and it’ll work.

Agreed, it doesn’t work. Just tried it twice.

Nope doesn’t work i tried it.
I’m pretty fast at this **** and it just makes me drive back in the LS shop with the car i stole and tells me "We don’t need anymore cars right now"
So yeah it didn’t work for me either…
Now i have to wait another 50mins before i can do the bike glitch again. -.-

I actually got this to work! I’m selling my vacca for $72000 a pop as I type this!

You do anything different from the tut?

I can make a real quick video of what I did and put it on youtube.

This would be extremely helpful.

Yeah, just give me like an hour or so to work it all out and upload it.

When I backed out of the garage with my Vacca before to make the vid from the beginning, it made it so I can’t sell vehicles for the 43 minutes. So I’m going to need a little more than an hour to put this together, sorry guys!

All good.
We can wait.
Cause like they say "Good things come to those who wait"
So im in no rush! :3

I’m not sure what most of you guys are doing wrong… but, it seem’s to work fine for me.

Edit: In less than 60 seconds of creating this post, I’v made one million already. haha!

I just made this really quickly put together video to help you guys out!

Well its working for you so i think i’ll try it again.
Thanks for the confirmation and the video!
Tried it, but it just did what yours did the first time, then after that it just left inside the shop without a car and i couldn’t sell another so i have to wait another 50mins.
Oh well. Looks like a trail and error thing for me.

Since replaying the good payout missions is now a thing of the past I’m definitely going to have to give this a try because I only got to grind out the $18K lobby once and only managed to earn $1.2M and now am left with $950K yet I was planning on working on my garage…this technique seems to be a great way to do so.