[SERVICE CLOSED] Skyrim -Thank You, Everyone

Have to close due to insufficient time to mod everyone saves and new work commitments.

Just a little thanks <3

These are the remaining save that are still available to download.
If you request your save to be uploaded again please send a screen shot of your save so i can see your the owner, and PM me these details.

I just wanted to thank everyone for posting their saves and helping to mod everyone elses saves.
I really appreciate it.

Thanks to DAVE for the amazing work as he created the request system in which we completed 60-70 saves from.
JACK for helping and supporting our team.
And everyone else, who helped mod someones save or just generally be amazing to help everyone they can in the forum.

Please take your time to read the WHOLE thread before posting. This will increase your chances to get your save modded. And Enjoy.




These mods will be done via The PC version of Skyrim. And i will not progress your story or any quests. These Mods will be done with Console Commands that can not be accessed on other versions of Skyrim. I will never exceed the money - arrows etc to a point where you fire one arrow or spend one coin you will freeze.

I will not waste my time modding one posters saves. As you obviously dont have the time to be an active member of a good community.

This is totally free and i will not benefit from this service in any other way than making people happy :smile:

If You want perks. I can Do ALL perks Or Individual skill perks. I cannot give perk points.

[size=25]PLAYER MODS POSSIBLE: Console Commands (Skyrim) - The Elder Scrolls Wiki

ITEMS AVAILABLE:Console Item Codes (Skyrim) - The Elder Scrolls Wiki[/size]

Request Your Saves HERE
Skyrim Save Service

Old Form

[details=Open Me]

Uploaded File To Megaupload / Wupload / MediaFire (MEDIAFIRE seems to be working the best (Plus How Large)):


Please Include the item ID's And Quantity you want. Provided by the links above. (Suggested By Dave)
Skill Mods:

Item Mods:

Player Mods:



All Other Mods:




My save was modded it was ok but not realy how i wanted it, there is alot of stuff that the OP cant do, like add free unspent perks. Well i decided i would skidrow the game for PC and then i have been messing with mods and the console commands and i have got it to work with alot of easy things people want.

I have made a couple saves for myself to see what kind of things can be done.

I have a lvl 1 character with 176 free perks at the start of the game, by the time you hit lvl 75 you would have 251 perks that would fit in all skill trees.

So now i am thinking of making som interesting save games to upload. Keep on the lookout for when i make some sweet starter saves.

NOTE: DO NOT PM ME!!! I will not mod your save.

Okay nice one. First customer to fill out the form :wink:

Could you mod armor into it for me? i want the full daedric gear sword armor boots helm ect. can you do that?

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (6.03mb)
[b]Skill Mods: 3000 Magicka 2000 Health 2000 Stanima

Item Mods: Can you find me the best mage equipment? If not it is ok.[/b] Any other. Actually just all skills 90. :smiley:

Of Course. Just fill out the form… I will add everything you want. Items wise… :L

Uploaded File To Megaupload / Wupload (Plus How Large): mediafire…i already uploaded my one long time ago…: Save 22 - Naifanchi Skyrim 16.47.32.exs

Skill Mods: dont touch

Item Mods: dont touch

Player Mods: dont youch

Money: dont touch

PickLocks: 70

All Other Mods: perks to increase: 70

thank you :smiley:

Item Mods: Full daedric gear (sword shield outfit ect)

Money: 100,000

Thanks im uploading now will edit with the link

[size=25]Well this is not in your format but I’ve made already a tread with what I would like so I will just paste that in this post.

If you rather like it in your format I could edit my post later out.

I would like to have 2 difrent skyrim saves with the folowing things.

I would like one save with:
300 Health, Magicka and Stamina.
250 perk points and 15,000 gold.
Full Deadra Gear would also be nice.

And a save with:
500 Health, Magica and Stamina.
250 perk points and 15,000 gold.
[/size]Full Deadra Gear would also be nice.
Please leave the skill levels, items and other stuff untouched.

I would like it so it starts at the char creation screen.

Thanks in advance for anyone that could help me

Do you want your level to change?

Uploaded File To Megaupload / Wupload (Plus How Large):
[url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BFKIKT6K - Save File 4.72mb

Skill Mods:
Don’t mod unless you can give skill points available, then I would want 30!
Item Mods:
Don’t mod :smile:
Player Mods:
500 carry weight!
As much as you can give :smile:
All Other Mods:
Shouldn’t need anything else :smile:

Ok its done : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
So full daedric gear and 100,000 coins

here’s my save I’m in winterhold all im asking for is all stats max except sneak leave at 99 and all perks and max magic health and stamina if able. Sorry don’t have megaupload is mediafire okay?

Save 27 - Specter Skyrim 11.35.53.exs

LEVEL: no change

Skill Mods: max all but sneak make sneak 99

Item Mods: none

Player Mods: all perks or add 255 perk points

Money:no mod


All Other Mods: if health magic and stamina can be altered i will enjoy if not oh well

wait nvm just put 90 destruction and 90 speech and make me lvl 24.

[size=25]MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

LEVEL: [/size]Level 49
Skill Mods: Everything to 90

Item Mods: None

Player Mods: None

Money: $1,000,000

PickLocks: Unchanged

All Other Mods: 99 perk points

Many thanks in advance.

I did’nt put it in the mod but is it possible to get all of the enchants unlocked?

Update OP.

Will not do perks… as i have to do everything manually. and type each code out. I have macros but still.

No i cannot unlock all enchants.

LegendKiller -(Next time get it right the first time) Your first 90 destruction and speech = MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
With everything 90 and all player.modav modded. + 2000 carryweight. = MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Save 93 - Ajey Riften 71.02.14.exs | Game Front - 10MB i believe.

LEVEL: Leave as what it is but add 50 skill points if possible?

Item Mods: My enchanted items can you increase the enchantments by 50% on each? Also add 500 black soul gems (Grand)

Money: 500,000

PickLocks: 1000 or add skeleton key?

I would’ve done this myself but i can’t seem to get my head around hex editing :confused:

EDIT: Is it possible to have my weight allowed to be over 1000?

Then just add 175 free perk points. If that is possible.