Set Up FTP (Add games onto your Jtag's HDD)

What you need:
Jtagged system with a HDD
flashfxp: Google it <3

Step 1:
GO: System Settings/Network Settings/Configure Network

Find your IP address.

Start XeXMenu, and go to your PC.

Step 2:
Once FlashFXP installed, open it and press the “Connect” button. Then fill out these settings…

IP Address: Your Xbox 360’s IP(found earlier)
Port: 21
Username: xbox
Password: xbox

Step 3:
Now that your connected, you can transfer files quickly between your Xbox 360 and your PC over your home network.

There is no size limit it can transfer
If you want to know how fast it is, try it!

Very good job on your first tutorial,

Have fun and always contribute. As you can see, some of our members have given you out very warmest welcome, and I hope to see more from you later on in the future. I have given you your first Thanks, and I am sure that number rise as you stay here with us in the XboxMB Community :smiley:

Flashfxp is epic! i use it to FTP into mah ps3 and st00f.

btw, nice first tut.

I use them to transfer the ISO’s i download :smiley:, its really fast

I like FileZilla better.
Also, [noparse][detailedtut]iso-jtag-rip-how-ftp.html[/noparse]

Sorry, i didnt know there was a tutorial about this :anguished:, i searched ir but i didnt found it=\

Well, no need to worry. I’m sure you’ll find more that you can post here on XboxMB.

Hey even if there is a similar one, you still helped me! Thanked