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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Oh-noted.Thanks STN(and you Chris).


the game closes when i activet the cheats


Get steam. De - activate your antivirus because they do work


ok thanks


when i press play it opens shadow of tomb raider start playing it but when i alt tab to wemod says having trouble finding game i have delete cache i have run has admin but nothing works


Press play again. Run dx11 version of the game


You’re so fast with this trainer. Wow! A little feedback. Some of my games show the wrong game version and that there are no trainers for my version(even though they are Steam games automatically kept up to date)and yet your latest trainers will work for that game anyway. Not important though. Is there any chance of making a trainer for Ghost Recon Wildlands using the same EAC bypass as Far Cry 5?


Here is the proper thread.

And sunbeam is working on one. He just held up with real life things. Looks like maybe today or tomoorow


how do i change it back to dx11


Have to on steam page. In options. See if it works. I have been using this since it came out


In the big launcher that pops up, click options


Im running dx12 and it works fine for me
I guess also in game in options , video, you can change it there too


ok i did dx11 restart pc then went into wemod pressed play got same pop up box having trouble finding or starting game never had this much trouble with infinity tried everything just doesn’t work i have had a look for other cheats there is nothing


Did you spam the Play key? Is the game even running?


yes and yes



In that case i have no idea. Either your antivirus needs to be completely uninstalled or wemod is having some unknown bug. Either i can’t help you with.

Once you rule out its not your antivirus, you might want to contact frank.


Well its not the trainer works perfectly fine.
Gotta be something on his end.


Ok i have a one time , one use code for whoever gets it or wants it first.
its the orange shadow band resourse pack
Steam , activate product on steam…


how do i restart wemod