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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam


hi there the trainer now says it doesn’t support my version of the game not sure what to do now


Wemod now says no trainer for my version of the game version after the latest game patch.


Ignore that and just choose any version


I’ve just downloaded this game from steam, and have tried everything to get wemod to load the cheats but nothings working. I’ve turned off directx12 and that didn’t work. I tried looking at the processes but I don’t know what to do because I haven’t encountered this problem yet on wemod.


furthermore clicking help doesn’t do anything


For anyone who is having problems still. this helped. @biggydragoo33 figured it out

here; (C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Daring Development)
Delete (Infinity folder) you will see

I didn’t have a “daring development” folder. Once I clicked on roaming I saw the infinity folder deleted it, loaded up my game then wemod, then clicked play and it worked.


A couple of days ago the trainer worked fine but with the new steam game patch I get a message saying “There’s no trainer for this version”.What the hell?Do I have to wait for a new trainer to work for this version of the game?Is Wemod going to have this problem every time steam updates a game then why bother use it if we can’t use it on new versions of games.


Ignore that and choose an older version


Unlimited skill points doesn’t work , anyone has the same problem ?


Is that all?


Well, the other cheats work perfectly, only the Skills that do not work!




Same for me. Unlimited Skill Points doesn’t work, although when i click it the sound confirms it.


Works great but make to save often the game locks up when u die not a problem if you saved(load without cheats running)


I get that alot so save ahead of time so you don’t lose you’re progress


Unlimited Skills is not working any idea for skill points ? other cheats are working fine


skills cheat not working


Skills related cheats aren’t working for me… any idea how to fix that?


5gb update. Was gonna update it yesterday but had to wait downloading


Beat the game it’s alot of fun you can skip %50 of it(just side missions)
I only use unimited cash,ammo,health,swimming(air),items