Shangri-la Golden Rod

Dr. Richtofen has the golden rod on Shangri-La at the beg of the same. Was wondering if anyone has any idea why?

That’s the item you need to give him in Call of the Dead. I’m guessing it has something to do with the easter egg. It’s possible to get it for other characters on Shangri-La, but I’m not sure how.

Do you start off this golden rod? Because I have been told that you do.

Only if you gave it to Richtofen in CotD.

No that is not true. I never completed the easter egg, but i still have it.

You just start off with it

I gave it to Richtofen in CoTD, but havn’t recieved this rod in Shangri-La.

I am very confused at what you guys are talking about.

I haven’t completed the CotD easter egg, and I don’t have the rod…

Must be luck then? >.<

Nah. No one on my friendslist has it. But TheSyndicateProject has it.

only the green guy has the golden rod

The colors are set to always be the same character.

OT: I haven’t noticed this first hand, but I have seen this is a few youtube videos.

You have to have four players.

If you start out as Richtofen you have it. Some people online say there’s a glitch that lets the other characters have it, but I haven’t read into it. I have played as Richtofen and it has been on the bottom right of the screen. No idea what to do with it, though. Although it doesn’t seem to be part of the main easter egg.

EDIT: I was solo when this showed up, not sure if it does in MP.

Vorkuta step 1:secure the keys, call of the dead: find golden rod for richtofen, shangri la: richtofen has golden rod at the start of the game. just sayin’

You have to be richtofen if that helps.

you get it if you have 4 people, thats how i have it

I’ve done the whole easter egg and when my friends are the doctor, they have the Golden Rod. Even my friend who did the whole easter egg on Shangri-La was Richtofen and he never used the Golden Rod I believe. I’ll ask him and update this later.


It doesn’t do anything its an easter egg within an easter egg. inb4inceptionjoke