Share your skins!

Hey XboxMB, this is just a skin sharing thread. You can share capes as well. Kink posted a good tutorial on how to get a cape. View it here:[tutorial]-how-get-custom-cape-minecraft-[works-online].html .
Screenshot yourself with it, or provide a .png of it.

Just thought this would be a good idea for us to share your favorite skins!

With that said, I’ll start:

[details=Zoidberg]Zoidberg Skin:






J a c k’s skin [/details]

I’ll update op when you post one!

Great thread. Hope it get’s some attention.

Good thread. Id like to see other people skins. Heres mine.

Or you could just go to The Skindex - Minecraft Skins

Or you can shutup? This is like the Music thread in the forum. Same thing. Good Post Samplez.

But that works too :stuck_out_tongue:
This isn’t just intended for people to get skins, its also for viewing what skins people have. Its not necessary to provide the .png.

This is the skin I use the most…

No I won’t give .png to it.

Skin made me lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Updated OP. Thanks for sharing!

Used to have a power ranger skin but got a bit boring went back to my old batman skin :smile:

A bad ass cape would go great with that.

I use this skin to mess with people…

seems like too much effort to put the cape on might do it if i get bored one day lol.

O.o I saw someone with a similar skin like that the other day.

Telling me to shut up eh? Okay, whatever. But he’s just trying to get a sticky when in reality people can just go to

I got a sticky for making minecraft videos when people could just go to youtube? Yeah so I will tell you to shutup and i’ll also tell you to quit trolling his thread. He makes quality posts and better ones than you at that. So quit trolling other members and let them have their spotlight instead of being an ass.

Thank you.

The Skindex - Minecraft Skins has lots of great options too.