Shipping a cpu?

A guy wants to buy one of my old CPU’s. He wants it shipped. I don’t have any of those fancy esd-protection bags. Non of my nearby stores sells them and buying them online could take 5+ days. Any ideas?

It’s within sweden btw.

I’ve seen people wrap it in a papertowel and ship them. I’ve got them wrapped in tape also.

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If I remember correctly, wood doesn’t offer much esd resistance. Would a plastic zip-lock bag with some bubble wrap work?

did they specify working condition?

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I would not recommend plastic bags.

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Then this will be difficult… Crazy idea, I purchased a bag of led diodes a few day ago. Any chance the bag could be esd resistant?

And hawk, I did not state that the cpu was broken in my ad and selling something with a known flaw without notifying the costumer is against “law”.

I just well technically you wouldn’t be shipping with a know flaw and i think it should be, at least it would make sense and it looks like one of the bags you would just be buying otherwise

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It looks like an ESD bag so it should be fine.

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AMD or Intel? If it’s AMD make sure to watch out for the pins…

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@StevenWongo Luckily It’s an intel without pins.

@Chris That’s good news. Any idea why led lights would needs esd protection?

@hawkblade555 You are right about that but I’m 99% sure there’s another law that gives customers the right for returns if bought via the internet.

I removed the leds from the bag and then removed the sticker. Almost all glue stayed and I couldn’t remove it with isopropanol. But I just folded it and added some tape and it looks successful. Im going contact the buyer and head down to my local post office tomorrow and get everything sorted. Thanks for the assist guy!

LEDs are more at risk with the smaller they get