Should out to my fireteam!

I wanna let you guys know my fireteam is now the 5th fireteam in the world to beat Crota’s End!!!

Gamertag are:

Zero xMDKx (Me)
Hollow Juubi

Yea yea, whatever. What’s the new rare weapon such as the Vex Mythoclast?

I’m assuming you’ll only be able to get such a weapon once you beat it on hard.


*shout out

what is a team do ? like plays games ?


brain hurts from that

The Neochasm. Super fast shooting, accurate, and relatively hard hitting auto rifle with Arc damage. You can’t get it yet as the hard raid doesn’t open up until January.

Did you have a level 31?

How ugly. If I do play hard raid and get it, I’m not gonna have the same feeling as I had with the Vex Mythoclast. That gun look like it went to hell and came right back.

Edit: This and the murmur weapons skins look as if they’re from a Nintendo 64 game.

Congrats dude ! awesome !