Should they unbanned my account 19mrobinson221

Should they unbanned my account 19mrobinson221 I will not spam no more

Technically means you will spam more, right?

No I done spamming

vote yes or no


Vote yes or no

No, they shouldn’t unban you. if you got banned then there is a reason behind it. Also, what do you expect this survey is going to do? it wont get you unbanned, that’s for sure.

They unbanned it 19mrobinson221 and it got banned again

5.2 Alternate accounts are not allowed: you are not allowed to create another HorizonMB profile, under any circumstances, even if your original one is banned. Users caught registering multiple accounts will be banned.

Although I’ve seen several users make 2nd accounts so I guess that rule is no longer effective.

yes of course wth chris y no love.

No, oh and I’ll ban this one.