Shutter Island


So I just watched the 5 year old ‘Shutter Island’ movie just to see Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautiful face, and I don’t understand truly. Was he a mental patient the entire time, or did they just trick him? I’m so lost. Any help?

You’re giving out a spoiler. Make sure you warn people who haven’t seen it and put that in a “spoiler”

Open Me

yes, he was a mental patient the whole time. The missing “police man” was actually his doctor trying a new type of therapy

I’ve watched that movie too and had the same reaction as you and never figured it out lol. Big mind ****

It all seems like an elaborate scheme though, to trick him.

its not to trick him. its to rehabilitate him. he was a detective before. so the idea was to think, maybe if we make a crime for him to solve, then he would snap out of his insanity and go back to the real world

I thought that the alter ego he created was a detective? A detective that was solving a case on the island, so they figured if they allowed the alter ego to finish the case the real him would come out.