Sid Meier's Civilization VI Cheats and Trainer for Steam

For the movement cheat:

  • Don’t move your units from land into water unless necessary.
  • Don’t move your unit more than one turn’s worth of moves per click. (ie, move one hex at a time or click and drag the cursor to make sure the move distance equals one turn).

The same thing occurred on Civ 5’s trainer, I do not believe it’s something the trainer developer can resolve, more likely related to the way the game is coded.

Still doesn’t work. It freezes and doesn’t respond once I click the end turn regardless. Uggggggh!

Do you have a lot of AI players and city states? When you end your turn, you need to wait for all the AI players to finish their turn too. I’m wondering if the amount of AI players you have is taking up too many system resources. The more players there are, the more there is for the game to process and render. Try closing all unnecessary background programs.

In any case, try the Epic Games trainer for Civ 6 by clicking the Fix button and manually linking the game’s .exe to it. I used it about three days ago (on the Epic version) and it was perfect. Some Epic trainers work fine with Steam games and vice versa.

I only have 6 and the epic trainer doesn’t work at all for me.


Bro fix this…it’s been a whole year and a ton of things are bugged…

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It would be really cool if someone updated this trainer. Last update was more than a year ago. What did I pay for in Pro if the mods keep getting outdated and ignored?

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please update