Signing in to Modded Profile causes a freeze

You would think this shouldn’t be posted here, but a frequent issue has been arousing while modding profiles using Horizon.

The main issue I have been facing is a freeze when signing into a modded profile. Before modding, it signs in fine. After modding, the my 360 freezes every single time I sign into that profile. I even noticed that a modded profile was even branded a corrupt profile after modding. Non-modded profiles work completely fine.

(I could just be an idiot, maybe I forgot to Save, Rehash, and Resign, but I know it has been frequent and I have replicated it several times).

Delete profile, redownload from XBL, and then remod it.
You most likely corrupted something, and you should always keep an unmodded backup.

Will try.

Click B before the sign in screen shows. Do it fast… I got this and avoid it quite easily now.