Simple Horizon Wallpaper


What you guys think?


Feel Free To Use It <3



I wish I was this good at Photoshop. It’s f*cking sexy.

Not bad…Not bad… i give it a 6/10

Awesome 7.5/10 :smiley:

I should of added text huh?

Not bad 8/10 I feel like its placed weird on that planet is it because the X?

So what is “good” for Maxxy? lol
I want an example of your high standards :laughing:

I really like this wallpaper

Thank you, Totally Trav.

And I know right.

Nice and original 8/10

I det it as my BG 9/10 :smile:

8 1/2 out of 10

I like it!

I like it 8/10

simple but i love it 10/10, Can i get the earth wallpaper you used or wallpaper .psd?

nice one mate , ild give it 8/10 :smile: x

9/10 It is really amazing

sexy… 9/10

Nice , looks good bro 8/10

Looks kind of cool. But it also looks like you just stretched out the Horizon logo to fit over a picture of earth (I’m guessing) and just set it to overlay or darken.