Sims 3 Mod tool

Game Title: The Sims 3

Game ID: 454108E2

Mods Wanted:

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited Stats, Hunger, bladder, etc.

First save: Josh - SJosh
Current cash = $274

Second save: Test- STEST
Current Cash = $6171

Sims 3 is on console already o_0

It has been leaked today

Yup, it officially comes out on the 29th. But you can’t play Sims without cheats :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll dig out the usb keyboard and see if I can get the console up.

yeah sims without the gnome is like xbox without mods >:]

Nice post. But why would you mod sims lol :smiley:

it will probably be hard since its a EA game.

It’s one of those games that you’ll find is strangely popular. Nice change from the shoot em ups tbh. Sims with infinite money can be a laugh.

i dont like sims but its a fun game to play

i could imagine it with max money lol

Money mod would be nice. No need for other mods.

idiot. its been REALESED TODAY. freaking noobs

im trying to figure out the same thing lol, how to mod the money…im not sure if im doing it right but i converted my money “836” into hex value “344” and searched my save game on a hex editor, and i came up empty handed…does anyone know if im doing it correct…or of a way to successfully mod the money in this game…thank you

Unless you know the proper Checksums/Security.

Use EAResigner
Or just do the checksums/security yourself.

Bumping this topic up so devs can see this, was going to make my own topic.

+1 to this request, would be great to have a money mod and stats mod considering I just got this game the other day.

It would be cool to have a money mod so im helping boost this topic for the devs.

I know there are money cheats but I want to be able to earn achievements easily with a money mod :smile:

Have to agree. Although there are ways to get a lot of money, it would be more fun to just mod it and make more enjoyable.

just use the cheats who needs the achievements

grreeaaattt idddeeeaaa!

No need for the game saves go to this forum made by me.[sims3]-unlimted-money.html

Thanks if helped :thumbsup:

That is cheats honey, the game creaters made it. we WANT SOME HAXS! :stuck_out_tongue: