Since i moved to the One and i'm getting GTA soon

Should i mod my RP and Cash before moving my stats? And if i do is the risk of being banned high? (i know there’s always a risk but i wanna know if it’s small or big)

RP doesn’t really matter from what I understand but very high chance if you get money dropped as they want people to buy shark cards.

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Think its a high risk at the moment to do that. Would not recommend it.
If you mod you of course, the risk is of course your rock star social club account get banned.

Back when GTA Online came out i became legit about lvl 125 or so Online.
Afterwards we hosted money lobbies, worked well back then.

Idk why it happand if it was the transfer or R*
My Lvl was decreesed 100 lvls, still got the money tho and for some random reasons the ability to buy lvl 100 wepons. Can maybe happand to you if you mod RP i guess (If not ban).

Aint banned yet, but think this is a too high risk to mod now.

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I’m already somewhere around level 75 but i have all the 100+ gear since i was level 600+ before the DNS patch, i’ll wait for a while then i’ll do a recovery on my 360 and won’t move any stats to the One for a month or something. i still might get banned but i don’t really give a damn anymore.

If you dont care then go for it but of course, if you get banned.
Its not only that Character/Account. Normally its R* social club that get banned.
Therefor all GTA stats you got at Xbox/PSN/PC and all the stats for all the other games you have from R*

Do you think thats worth it?

i don’t really play on anything but Xbox, might as well just unlink my social club account.

Thats an option of course. Anyway, all the risk if up to you to take.

I hosted modded lobbies just because i was tired of the game and then just got a billion dollars.
If you gonna play a lot its might just be fun to earn it legit. Since almost everything is based on money.
Maybe you lose the interest of playing if you got everything? :slightly_smiling:

What i did back when Rockstar did a full on RP and cash wipe in the DNS days i had over 3 trilllion dollars and and after the reset i have a guy do a gamertag recovery and he modded my GTA cash literally 5 days agfter that big wipe they did and i asked for 900million and i upgraded to X1 a month later and i still have my 900million and i enjoy it