Singleplayer The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mods

For a few years now I have been hunting for a mod for this game that actually isn’t a scam or that actually exists. I would love to see a mod menu similar to how the one for Fallout Shelter works: Gold, Gems, Health, Unlocked items/buildings/ship selections. After completing the game I wish for something of that nature, and it truly is a fun game in singleplayer, however I also wish for a multiplayer mod(Like skyrim and fallout together mod) because the only multiplayer is a arena mode and it isn’t really fun at all. If a creator sees this, please I am begging, work on it, even if it is slow.

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We appreciate your interest in trainers. However, we do not accept trainer requests on the forums. Developing new trainers is based on the popularity of games among WeMod users. To express interest in a specific game and receive notifications about newly released trainers, click Notify Me on the game’s page in WeMod. If enough WeMod users take this action, the game will be added to a queue that could lead to trainer development.

Also, WeMod trainers are intended for single-player/campaign/story mode only, not multiplayer/co-op game modes. I will now close this topic. Thank you for your understanding.