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This is the User Control Pannel. This lets you edit your signature, your avatar, check your Pm’s and basicly control your whole profile. This is at the top left of your screen. You will use this a lot so make sure you know where it is


Making Good Posts

[details=Open Me]Tips On Creating Good Spam-Free Posts!

Don’t Post Random Things

Don’t post short sentences, keep them juicy and full of info.

Don’t put “Thank You” that is what the “Thanks” button is for.

Before Posting

Before Posting, Ask yourself These Question

  1. Does My Post Help Anyone? If it Does it is More than likely NOT Spam and SHOULD be Posted, Helping members is a good way to Gain Post Count and be welcomed in the community

  2. Does my Post Contribute To the Topic? If it Doesn’t it Should NOT Be posted. Making off-topic and “Random” Posts Are usually Seen as spam

  3. How is The Quality Of the Post? Take for Example If someone makes a tutorial and you like it, Right? And you Post Oh yeah, Great Tut dude. That COULD be Seen as Spam and should be rarely Posted. This is because the quality is NOT good. If you like a tutorial a better thing would be to say, “Great Topic And Tutorial I will be sure to try this if i have some spare time :smile:

See how much longer that was and it shows that you actually did like the tutorial


  1. Read the original post not just replies

  2. When posting make sure it is not identical to someone elses post

Under Construction…[/details]

Top Posters

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Name: Cccodyyyy

Link: XboxMB- Xbox Message Boards- View Profile: cccodyyyy

Name: Lolzorz

Link: XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Lolzorz

Name: Decal

Link: XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Decal

The Rules

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Remember to always read the rules before posting anything on the site. Knowing the rules is the key thing to avoiding a ban or infraction on the site.


Getting Started

[details=Open Me]

Before you post take notice on the left hand side of the home page is links to all different places of the forum. It looks like this:

How to post a video in a thread or post:

Link to video

How to post a picture:

When you first make your thread look at all your tools. You will see a button that looks like this…
When you find it click it and you will see something like this…

Insert your link and press “OK” then you will have a picture when you preview or submit your thread. And if it is easier just do

Tips for posting around the Forum!

  1. Before you start posting Introduce yourself.
  2. Find something your good at! (good at GFX post there)
  3. Never flame, Troll, or spam in the Forums!
  4. Start by posting tuts that will help the community(make sure you give credit if its not your tut)
  5. If you see a Thread that needs to be closed simply copy the link and post it to a staff members wall! or report it
    6.If you like a post Don’t say it just thank it, If you don’t like it keep it to yourself.
    7.Learn to edit your post, try not to post twice in a row.
  6. If you are here to find 10th lobbies for Mw2 or anyother COD game, this site is not for that reason

1.Create a spoiler- [spoiler*]YOUR TEXT HERE [/spoiler*] Leave out the *
2. How to insert a link into a word or picture- Highlight the word or picture and click this button then insert your link.
3.Join some groups, or Create your own. Just go HERE To create a group just hit the button. To join one just click on the group you want to join/Go to GROUP TOOLS and click join group if it is open. Some you may have to be invited![

How to add members:

In a thread or post that the person you want contacted has made, find their name a click it. This should appear…

You can add them to your contacts and friends which is shown here on your profile:

Or you can send them a private message which can only be seen by the person you want.

Customizing profile:

Here you can change your AIM(Aol instant messenger) and the rest of your contact info and regular info that you want displayed on your profile.

Here is where you can edit your profile picture. Your profile picture is not the picture people see when you post but the picture they see while their on your profile. For example:

Group memberships:

After you join a group, the group is visible on your profile right under your friends.

Under construction.[/details]

Info on Diamond

Open Me

Diamond info:

Buying diamond costs:

$5 for a recurring one month(can’t be bought with paypal)


You get this awesome badge:

Everything it says here:

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - XboxMB Diamond

Where to buy it:

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - XboxMB Diamond

How to cancel a recurring membership:

Go here and hit Cancel:


[details=Open Me]General Discussion - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - This is General Discussion, this is not for spamming but for talking about things such as music, jokes and movies. Also things you find interesting that you would like to share: mostly non-modding things.

Homepage News and Announcements - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where the staff and news bot post recent news about xbox, and announcements about site issues and updates.

Contests, Events, and Giveaways! - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - here is where contests such as MOTM(Member of the month) are held and also giveaways made by the staff

Introduce Yourself - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - If your new to the site, this is where you should first post. This is only to introduce yourself and not to ask for help by other members.

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon - This is where you download Horizon.

Horizon Modding - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where you discuss the tools in Horizon, this is not the section where you ask for help. You can discuss things about the tool and make tips about the tools.

Horizon Support - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where you ask for help about the Horizon tool, for example not loading or having an error of some sort.

Horizon Bug Reports - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - If there is a bug or something wrong with Horizon that nobody can help you with such as laggy or an un-usual error, you post here.

Horizon Suggestions - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - This is where you can suggest anything for Horizon. Any tools you want to see in the tool you can post(only xbox tools)

Xbox 360 Discussion - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Post here for any non-modding related things that deal with xbox. Such as clan recruitment and xbox themes.

Game With Me - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - This is only for asking about playing with you. Any game for xbox may be posted and just make sure to put your gamertag. Post lobbies(only free) or any other type of game. Whether it be Halo or Cod.

Xbox 360 Hot Games - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Discuss new hot game releases or old games that are popular.

Halo Series - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Discuss everything Halo here. Any game of the series.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - This is fairly an easy one… Discuss everything Black Ops. Only Black Ops related topics.

Xbox 360 News - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where you can post your own Xbox360 news in your own way, not from the XMB news bot.

Xbox 360 Support - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Post any Xbox problems such as RROD or not connecting to live. Anything Xbox360 problem related.

Xbox 360 Modding Tools - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Discuss new xbox360 modding tools here.

Xbox 360 Tutorials - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Post any Xbox360 tutorials you have here.

Xbox 360 Profile & Gamesave Modding - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Post anything about profile modding such as avatar and gamerscore modding and gameesave modding such as campaign modding and gpd modding.

Xbox 360 JTAG Modding - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards post all jtag related modding here such as jtag tutorials and maybe even pictures of your jtag to show it off and talk about it.

Xbox 360 Hardware Mods - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Post everything about hardware mods here and only here. such as LEDs and hotswapping.

Intuitive Discussion - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - This is only for serious discussion. Do not post spam or any jokes in this thread. It is only for important topics.

Giveaways - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Post any giveaways you are having here. Do not request any giveaways as it will just be closed. Anything can be given away or anything xbox related.

Graphic Design - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where you post your signatures and avatares for your xboxmb profile. You can also request them. You can also post youtube related things like youtube intros and backgrounds.

Tech Section - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where you can post tech things like computer tutorials and computer support.

Programming - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where you can post your programs that you have made and tutorials on how to make programs. You can also ask for help with making a program.

Milestones and Achievements - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - This is where you post any milesotone that you have hit on XboxMB or in general. Don’t just post anything in the milestone page it has to be something important that you have achieved.

Youtube Famous - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here is where you post any youtube video that is yours or a video you found that you find funny or interesting. - Only post here if you are having a problem with your diamond subscription such as not letting you buy it or not giving you access to the diamond tools. - If you have any questions for the staff that you don’t want any regular members to see post here.

Feedback - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Here you can post feedback of what you think of the forums or any suggestions you have to make the forums better.


Tips and Answers

[details=Open Me]
Situation on Diamond-

Currently the one month of Diamond can not be purchased by paypal. Do not post about this as they are currently working on it.

Situation on Horizon updates-

Currently the Dev’s are working on an FATX explorer for Horizon,once they are finished with that, there will be many new tools released, so hang in there.

Horizon solutions(based on past problems)-

Download .NET Framework 3.5

Disable Firewall
Redownload Horizon
Restart Computer
Uninstall anti-virus

Questioning staff:

DO NOT question staff actions. If you really feel it was a bad decision on the staff part pm them. Do not make threads about it or askk why this person was banned or why you were infracted. Whatever they have done there is usually a good reason behind it.

Do not make other accounts:

If you are banned for flaming or spamming or whatever it is, do not make other accounts. This will equal another ban. If you feel it was an unreasonable ban talk to them on AIM or MSN. If you just want to make an account to flame and spam out of anger, ddo not do this as it will only make it worse for you.

Racist comments and Jokes:

This is an important subject as many people post racist comments or make fun of people with a disablity. I do not suggest this as the people you are making fun of did not choose how they are. They have no say in how they act or what they look like. No matter who they are it does not matter we are all hmans and I bet you do not want to be made fun of so why make fun of them.

Tips on site-

  1. Jtags are modded xbox360’s that let you run an unsigned code. This means it lets you download free games, and dlcs and of course host modded lobbies(in a way )

  2. If your are looking to make a profit off a jtag and only use it to host modded lobbies you are better off not buying one. Use it for its real purpose.

  3. Jtags dont always come with everything you need and getting isos on there may take some patience.

  4. Dont under estimate the work that goes into using a jtag and if your looking for money by hosting be ready to get dissapointed.

  5. Jtags do not come online fully. In order to do lobbies you need to infect yourself with a certain patch.

For lobby hosters

If you are looking to hosts lobbies then you have to provide proof/get verified if you want to charge or host a couple free to get trusted on the site you are hosting for. Scamming is not tolerated and action will be taken against you if you do scam. Scamming for paypal is extremely illegal and can possibly be sued

System Link

Your not allowed to charge for system link for it does not cost money to do and yoou should put proof that your legit and not trying to steal accounts. The way you do it is the same, take a picture of your xex menu with your XMB name and the site on a piece of paper. Also use dummy accounts, silver crap accounts that no one cares about to provide proof. Make sure you are verified by a staff member before you post about system link.


Its simple do not advertise or post a thread saying will do a tenth lobby for you to visit my website and sign up or subscribe to my youtube. It will just get people to hate you and flame you.

Questions on tenth lobbies

Nobody should make threads asking for tenth prestige in any game all it does is make people hate you and tell you to GTFO. If you want to get into a tenth lobby dont post saying invite me if your new to the site again that just= you getting flamed. Just look at the tenth posts and secretly message the guy on xbox live. Even though i dont suggest using the stie for tenth lobbies thats what you should do.


Spamming is one of the things people on the site tolerrate the least. Spamming contains posting things like pictures of funny things or “i dont know how to help you” just to get your post count up. There is a section for this in vip that doesnt count towards your posts. Also making threads with the same content to get it noticed. If you want to get a thread noticed you just bump the thread.

Bumping threads

Bumping a thread is where you post on a thread and it goes to the top of the section.You bump a thread if you make a thread and feel it should be more noticed then it is.DO NOT bump a thread less than at least an hour apart. DO NOT bump a thread that is not yours and is extremely old.

Double Posting

Double posting is when you post twice in a row without letting another person post in between. This is as well considered to be spam. If you want to change something in your previous post just edit it dont post another thing saying this is what i meant to say. Same with thank you’s dont post saying thank you to another persons thread, just press the thanks button located on the bottom left of their posts


Daimond is where you pay one payment of $5 or more monthly) to get extra things on the site and on Horizon. On Horizon you get things such as the Gamerscore editor,Halo reach editor etc. You also get an extra forum piece just for Diamonds. This includes a bunch of topics and many donwloads that regular members aren’t open too.


There is NO B/S/T on this site. B/S/T stands for buy sell and trade. So before you think abaut selling something on the site or asking to buy something on the site or even trading something for another object on the site, remember the rules. Do not do this, it will only waste your typing as it will be closed or deleted.

What is MOTM-

Member of the month. You get nominated and voted in the final poll for the most hardworking member. SO always try to work hard for this title. The title only lasts for one month.


This is made by having a great youtube channel or site that you can promote XboxMB and Horizon on. You can apply for it here: Introducing XboxMB’s Partner Program!

What is the test account-

The test account is made to test the site and make sure it is working properly. Mudkip is the name of the test account.

Partner/ sister site is thetechgame.

Why is there no B/S/T-

This is to avoid scamming and a bunch of people complaining to the site about how we let the scammer post and how it is our fault.

How to deal with flamers-

Ignore them. Do not flame them back, and eventually they will get banned for flaming. If someone if flaming you, just report it to a moderator or admin and they will take care of it.

Copy and pasting issue-

Always give credit to a person that you are copy and pasting from as people will find out and will flame you.

Drug reference-

Drug talk is not allowed on the forum and your post will be deleted if you post anything that has to do with it. Please save your writing and do not talk about drugs on the forum. We have younger kids on this forum and do not need them to here about drugs.

Cursing being blocked-

They have chosen to block cursing from the forums as not everyone can handle cursing as some people do and we do not need people cursing out other members.

Asking about badges-

Do not ask about badges as it will not help you in anyway. The only badge you may apply for is super mod in the specific section. Any other badge that you ask for will just make your chances worse.

Situation on posts being lost-

I know many people are mad about the lost posts, but the staff are working hard to get them back and I am sure they will be back in no time.

Leaving the site-

Do not post about leaving the site. It will only cause spam and flame of that we don’t need. When it is your time to go just slowly become less and less active or post on your wall and people will understand your reaonings.

Posting in the wrong section-

Please understand that posting in the wrong section is a pain and that it just cause the mods to have more work. If you post in the wrong section it will be moved, if you continue to do it you might get a warning. If it continues you will eventually get an infraction.


The rules are not up yet as that was one of the threads lost and is now being restored, but make sure to read the rules when they are back up and if you do not, do not complain if you get banned or infracted as it will not help your situation.

Possibility of being banned from modding-

There is always a slight possibility of being banned when you mod and always be cautious not to mod a high ammount of credits or money in aa game or mod online achievments or a high ammount of achievments in your gamerscore. If your gamerscore gets reset DO NOT mod it again as that will most likely lead in a ban if caught.

Posting issues:

This is about posts and how you should make them. When you reply to a thread make sure to read the original post and reply accurately. If something you were going to post has already been posted, do not repeat it. Also do not make your posts short, make sure they are lengthy and filled with information.

Name changing:

If you want to get your name changed pm oneof the admins or community manager on the site. Do not make a thread asking for your name to be change or make a thread about how you changed it. If you want people to know who you were before you got your name changed put it in your sig. For example:

xCMW Mods= XMB Thomas

About the site:

The site started a few months back but the members on it were here much longer. The site used to be called, and was not as popular or succesful. But as time went on and Cheater and the other devs worked hard on Horizon, they finally made the new site XboxMB. XboxMB stands for Xbox Message Boards. This means we talk about xbox… this is not a ps3 site so if you came here to ask about ps3 you will not have much luck. Horizon is a modding tool that lets you modify your games and profile on Xbox.


Always make sure to press the button instead of posting thanks, this will cause less spam and actually show your support to the thread.[/details]

Useful Links:

[details=Open Me]



Ask the staff:

Diamond support:

Horizon Support:

Diamond Benefits:


How to introduce yourself

[details=Open Me]

Name or Gamertag

Putting your real name is entirely up to you, but please put what you want to be called either by your XMB name, Gamertag or real name.


Putting your age is entirely up to you. If you feel uncomfortable with putting your age just skip it, but know that people will think your older than you are and use different language while talking to you.


Please put what type of gaming system you have whether it’s Ps3, Xbox, Wii or so on. This gives other members an idea of what you like and what you know about.


Please put what games you like to play at most times and what you would like other members to play with you.


Please state the type of experience you have with modding and/or what you would like to learn about on this site.


Please put why you chose to join the site and be a part of this community. Also if you would like, you can say what you will do in order to help the community grow. [/details]

Staff permissions

[details=Open Me]

[b]Horizon Developer

This you can only recieve if you help coding with the devs for Horizon and help make programs to add, such as a game modder, profile editor or anything like that.


This is earned if you are promoted from Veteran Moderator and gives you permissions to promote demote and run the forums.

Veteran Moderator

This is if you get promoted from a super moderator. Only little difference from admin. You have less permissions than an admin but still have say in deciding promotions.

Super Moderator

You can apply for this by going to the staff applications section. You can only apply if you meet requirements of 200+ posts. This gives you permission to close, edit and move threads. Also ban and infract members. Currently, the staff applications have been stopped as there are enough staff at the moment.[/details]


All badges

[details=Open Me]

What badges are for: They are for respect to either members who donate(Diamond) those who were here for a while(Old Timer) and those who have really tried their best to help out the community(Epic) The others are to show difference between the staff including beta tester and the members.[/details]


[details=Open Me]Cheater912- XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Cheater912
Xenomega- XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Xenomega
Unknown v2- XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: unknown v2

Open Me

Drake- XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Drake

Nookie- XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Nookie

Chris- XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Chris[/details]

Open Me

Eazy B-XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Eazy B
Dave-XboxMB- Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Dave
Ellie-XboxMB- Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Ellie
xCaLL Me Carboy-[XboxMB- Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: xCaLL-Me-Carboy ]( Me Carboy)

Risk to getting banned for modding

[details=Open Me]

Risk to getting banned on xbox And Diamond Issue.

All types of modding you have a risk to getting banned. From Avatar modding- GPD modding you can still get caught.

Scale from 1-10 about possible bans.

1 being least chance 10 being the most.

Gamerscore modding- (2) Slim to no chance of being banned(make sure to only mod it offline)

If you get caught and reset do not try it on the same account again. There have been reports that the second time of modding gamerscore after you were caught the first time, you will get banned.

Gamesave modding(including GPD’s)- (5) I gave it a 5 because although campaign and offline gamesave modding will barely be caught, GPD modding online will result in instant ban from black ops/ possibly xbl.

Avatar Color Modding- (4) Out of most transfer cable/usb modding, this is one of the most dangerous. I have gotten banned permanently for this and it is possible you can too. When modding your avatar color really the only thing to keep a lot of attention from users is to not use a picture of it in your gamer picture. Many people can look at your gamercard and see it and report you for it.

Game adder/avatar unlocker- (3) Again do not abuse this tool. A few games added and a few awards unlocked will possibly be fine(still a possible ban/suspension) but you usually won’t get caught. However, if you abuse the tool and add about 400 games aand unlock every item you can, you have a bigger risk of getting caught then if you don’t. I suggest using this tool wisely and don’t unlock too much.

Diamond Payments- We know that the 1 month payment is not on paypal. If you want to buy a one month and do not have a credit card on yourpaypal account, I suggest either to Pm Cheater912 and see if you can work something out. Or wait to have enough money to buy a 3 month(recommended). Do not post threads that the paypal option is not available without a credit card because we already know this.

Corrupt Profile- If you have this it usually means you have not saved your modded profile(saving= auto rehash and resign) to get your old non-corrupt profile, simply delete your corrupted one of your hard drive and recover it back. If a solution to a corrupt save is not found by the public then send the file to one of developers.


BB Code: Work in progress

Open Me

“Bulletin Board Code or BBCode is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. …”
define: bbcode - Google Search
How to I use BBCode? It’s very simple, the most commonly used codes on this site are:


You can manually type them in, or use the links at the top of the page.
To use the codes, enter your text or content between the beginning, and ending code. For example, to use a “color” code, enter to start, then at the end of your text for red. You can also do blue, black, ext.
It will look like this:

Text here[*/COLOR]

Note that I had to put the “*” to stop the code from working, like so:

Text here

As stated before, there are other codes, and they all work the same way.
The easiest way to learn the codes and how to use them, is by just clicking on the preset buttons on top of your post:

To use them, simply click on what you want to use, then enter your text in between the codes.

To make something bold you use the BB code:

[B*]Text Here[/B*]

This makes your text darker and larger. When your using this make sure you leave out the * and that way it will work properly. This is also located in your thread toold bar as “B”. When I leave out the * this is what the final result will look like:

[b]Text Here[/b]

To make something underlined you press the “U” button. This is use to draw attention to a sentence you have written. If you don’t want to press the button, the regular code is here:

[U*]Text Here[/U*]

Use the stars only when trying to show an example for somebody. This is so it doesn’t take affect and just shows that you know how to do it(Your not teaching them without putting the *)

Here is what it looks like without the *

[u]Text Here[/u]

How to make lines separating subjects in a post:

For example:


Here is the code:


Leave out the * like always.
Do not put text in between the

and [hr*] or it will just make the text go away and leave a line.
Put it at the end of your text and together with nothing in between.

For example:

Text Here
Code after text: 

Making text go in your spoiler. Let’s use the example “Hi”. For this I will use the code:

[noparse][details=Hi]Text In here obv[/details][/noparse] No *

No *
So my outcome will be:

Would look like:

Spoiler:Hi instead of just Spoiler

To make just a plain spoiler take out the =text
So the code is:

[spoiler*] Text Here [/spoiler*]


Centering or arranging the post:

This is to arrange your post layout. So if you want it arranged to the left:
You will put

<div align=left>


The out come being:

<div align=left>


To arrange to the center you will put:

<div align=center>


Outcome being:

<div align=center>


To arrange to the right:

<div align=right>



<div align=right>


No * on any of them!!!

Issues about TTG

Open Me

DO NOT post issues about TTG. If you can not get on TTG and you want to know if TTG is down or is it just you:

Go to this link:
Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up?

And type in the link. Do not post a thread about it being down. Just because we are the sister site, does not mean we know everything that goes on with TTG. If you have a problem with it being down, PM one of the staff members. There is no need for making threads about it. Same goes for any other site.[/details]

How to Obtain Badges

Open Me

Originally made by Dan

Horizon Developer

Become part of the horizon development team, And help develop horizon.


Get ranked up from Veteran Moderator, After showing progress in effort.

Veteran Mod

Show progress and get ranked up from Super Moderator.

Super Mod

Help the community lots, you must be active, dont Flame/Spam, Dont ask for it, chosen by the Staff.

Beta Tester

Beta Tester or PNETS are randomly chosen by staff and you cannot obtain it any other way.


Dont ask, Dont flame or spam, Be active,Have good quality Posts/Threads,Make useful Threads/Posts, And most of all be yourself.


Win MOTM, This badge only last's 1 month and then you have to reclaim it by winning again. 

Top Poster

The top 3 posters on the site get this badge.

Old Timer

Be a member of horizon since 5th November 2009.


Buy Diamond Membership

Horizon Pro

Must be chosen by the Staff, to read the requirements, look in this thread:

Resizing Avatar

Open Me

To have Gif’s as your avatar, they must be resized to move like they are supposed to. In order to do so, look below.

Animated Avatars have to be 120x120 to be able to move.

All you have to do is

1. Upload the image
2. Choose 120x120
3. Then it will give you the image but the size you wan’t

You can also add pre-made graphics to the picture also!

I hope this helped.

Click Here To Go! :smile:

Proper Etiquette to Posting!!!

Open Me

General Tips

Tips for posting around the Forum!
1. Before you start posting Introduce yourself.
2. Find something your good at! (good at GFX post there)
3. Never flame, Troll, or spam in the Forums!
4. Start by posting tuts that will help the community(make sure you give credit if its not your tut)
5. If you see a Thread that needs to be closed simply copy the link and post it to a staff members wall! or report it
6. If you like a post Don't say it just thank it, If you don't like it keep it to yourself.
7. Learn to edit your post, try not to post twice in a row.
8. If you are here to find 10th lobbies for Mw2 or anyother COD game, this site is not for that reason 

Before posting a thread.

[details=Open Me]Before you create a thread, please use the search button at the top of the website.

To get to the search button, hit the arrow pointing down next to the word “Search” and this should come up:

Here you can type in what you are looking for and any threads that have the same “Tags” as the words you have searched will pop up. If you cannot find what you are looking for, make sure you also look on google or any search engine you use on a daily basis. Only if you cannot find anything is when you do the following:

Post a thread asking for help on what you need:
When posting make sure you look at the navigation section of the thread and post in the right section. Do not ask about youtube in the Xbox360 discussion or vise versa. Also make sure you have a decent title. Try to avoid all caps such as “PLEASE HELP I NEED HELP” also make sure you use correct speeling and grammer. Don’t make titles like “plzzzz help me i dont understand”. And don’t make a description that only has a few words like: “i need help” or anything in that range. Make sure to explain your problem and that will get you the help you need. Also try to avoid numbers and large bright text. I will not give an example to the large bright text as it is annoying but here is an example of using the numbers: “h3lp m3 pl34s3” DO NOT do anything like that, it is considered spam and nobody will take you seriously. If you post like this however:

Instead, make a title of "Modding Gamerscore Help" and a description of "Can someone please help me mod my gamerscore? I am having problems, searched and got nothing, anyone?
That will get you help.

(Modding gamerscore was only an example, please don’t make threads about it, there are many tutorials if you search lol.)
To make sure you get help, try and post in the right section. Look at the place you are posting. The forum has different sections, so please read the sections, and post in the proper section. If you also explain the error or problem you are having it will give a better chance to be able to help you. Also while posting horizon errors make sure to explain it because something might be wrong with Horizon, and if you explain, the developers will have an easier chance to fixing it.

Also to make it easier you can “Tag” threads. Tags are when you can add certain specific words to attach to your thread so when people use the search button and put in one of those words, your thread comes up.

What are tags?

Tags are a useful way to search for threads with similar subject matter and content. This complements the normal search system, which searches only for certain words or phrases and/or posts by specific users.

To use tags, you add words or phrases to threads to help describe the content. For instance, if the subject matter is ‘photography’ then you can add the tag ‘photography’ to the tag list. But you could also add tags like ‘digital image’, and ‘camera’ (depending, of course, on the nature of the thread).

This will categorize this thread with all other threads that have matching tags, whether or not they have the word ‘photography’ in them.

Screen Capturing

Open Me

Screen Capturing or Screen Shots are taking by a special program that lets you take pictures of what’s on your computer screen.

For an Example, if I wanted to take a picture of this thread I will download use the screen capture:

The screen Capture device is called: “Gyazo”

You can download Gyazo by going to: Welcome to Gyazo : Seriously Instant Screen-Grabbing

From there you will hit the big yellow download button:

Once you have it downloaded you will install it fully and it will appear on your desktop as so:

Once done you will double click and it will appear to be a + sign. Highlight what you want to capture and let go. It will appear in a link that will pop up shortly after :smiley:

Making good post’s

Open Me

Tips On Creating Good Spam-Free Posts!

Don’t Post Random Things

Don’t post short sentences, keep them juicy and full of info.

Don’t put “Thank You” that is what the “Thanks” button is for.

Before Posting

Before Posting, Ask yourself These Question

  1. Does My Post Help Anyone? If it Does it is More than likely NOT Spam and SHOULD be Posted, Helping members is a good way to Gain Post Count and be welcomed in the community

  2. Does my Post Contribute To the Topic? If it Doesn’t it Should NOT Be posted. Making off-topic and “Random” Posts Are usually Seen as spam

  3. How is The Quality Of the Post? Take for Example If someone makes a tutorial and you like it, Right? And you Post Oh yeah, Great Tut dude. That COULD be Seen as Spam and should be rarely Posted. This is because the quality is NOT good. If you like a tutorial a better thing would be to say, "Great Topic And Tutorial I will be sure to try this if i have some spare time "

See how much longer that was and it shows that you actually did like the tutorial


  1. Read the original post not just replies

  2. When posting make sure it is not identical to someone elses post

  3. Alway’s try your best to use proper grammar.

  4. Do not make short replies, make sure you post HQ helpful post’s. Don’t post’s things such as

Cool story bro.

Thing’s like that will most likely be deleted and will be frowned upon by other member’s. If you do not understand what he is saying, leave the post alone. I am sure another member does understand and can help he/she with the problem.

Trolling: I understand trolling can be funny, but other times it is rude, mean, or just uncalled for. Maybe once or twice if you feel the need to troll you may do so… but don’t go over the limit when posting. You also leave influence on newer members who have just joined the site. If those members see older members trolling, they will come to be trolls themselves. Please try to refrain from trolling as often as you can.[/details]

Giving Thanks and Getting Thanks

[details=Open Me]When someone has posted something that has either, helped you, made you laugh or has anything appealing or interesting enough that you want to thank him…

Do not post “Thank you” if you want to thank someone do not post a reply saying thank you as it only gets your post count up and does not help the thread in anyway. It is considered spam

How to thank someone: When you want to thank someone press the button on the lower right hand side of your screen that says “Thanks”

By clicking this you are supporting the poster and also not spamming and getting everyone angry :smiley:

However once you click “Thanks”, you cannot remove it. So make sure you read the post before clicking thanks.

Getting thanks:

  1. Don’t ask For them- In a Post or your Signature

  2. Help Staff

  3. Help Regular Members

  4. Make tutorials/Guides

  5. Make someone Laugh(In a friendly manner)

  6. Take your time while posting

  7. Release Game info that hasnt been posted yet

  8. Post juicy replies full of info

  9. Don’t troll

  10. Help New Members

  11. Introduce new Members

  12. Write an Introduction

  13. Post when you Get a milestone

  14. Dont beg For stuff

  15. Quality over Quantity

Adding pictures(No Screenshots)[details=Open Me]

How to add pictures saved to your desktop into posts:

Upload the picture with: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting and then copy the link imageshack gives you and use the code and then you will have it posted.

Will be adding more if needed.

Proper Way to Thank(From Zrueda)

Open Me

As you can see Cheater implemented a way to thank posts on the forum. Upon implementing something new, there are always guidelines and tips tagging along with it. So, here are some tips for using the thanks system.

Instead of posting “Thanks!” in a thread, simply click the “Thank” button in the bottom right of a post. If you have any other praise or comment, then you should go ahead and post a reply along with clicking the “Thank” button.
Remember, once you thank someone, it can’t be taken back. So decide wisely.
Don’t ask for it, if a member feels you deserve to be thanked, you will be thanked.
Thanks is an unlimited resource, don’t be greedy with it. However, don’t abuse it.

Og thread:

Before posting Milestones

Open Me

There have been new rules added to the milestones. People can no longer post any milestones that do not include 100,500,1000,2000 etc.

The rules are found here:

If you are to disregard the new rules and post any other milestones,they will be closed immediately. Please follow them and prevent spam.[/details]

Frequently Asked

[details=Open Me]

Which Capture Card/Jtag?

Open Me


Cap Cards:[information-support-quality].html[/details]

Name Changes?

Open Me

No longer do we allow name changes on the site. Too many people changed their names and it was hard for the staff/other members to figure out who was who. They stopped changing names April 23rd and it does not look like name changes are going to come back. You could try to ask the staff in the “Ask the Staff” section, but I doubt they will make any exceptions.

How do I make a spoiler?

Open Me

Even though you could just look at my BB Code, this is a frequently asked section. So it needed to be in this group.

[noparse][details=Open Me]Text Here[/details][/noparse]


[details=Open Me]Text Here[/details]

Spoiler(With text)
[noparse][details=Text]Other text here[/details][/noparse]


[details=text]Other text here[/details]

Canceling Diamond Membership

Open Me

Visit the following page and click the “Manage” link.

You should be able to cancel it from there. Only recurring memberships can be canceled.

Horizon Fixes/Answers

[details=Open Me]

1.Horizon Errors
2.Tool Errors

Horizon Errors

[details=Open Me]

Offline Mode

1.Go on CMD and type Ipconfig/flushdns
2.Run Horizon Again
3. If not fixed, allow a exception in all Anti-virus and firewalls.

Horizon Has Stopped Working

When it says this error:

It is usually a .NET Framework error.
In order for Horizon to run, you must have .NET Framework 3.5 installed.
You can install it b going to this link: .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Banned From Tool

If you have been banned from a modding tool, it is most likely because you have been modding other accounts.
For more info to why you have been banned, please visit this link:*please-read*.html

Update Loop

Ask someone to post their updated version of Horizon.

[details=Drag and Drop]

If you are unable to drag and drop a file into horizon, here is a simple fix. First go down to the start menu and go to where the search bar is. Type msconfig and hit enter. Go over to the tools tab and change UAC settings or disable UAC, hit apply then OK. You can now drag and drop files to horizon. When you are finished with the tool make sure to repeat the process and re-enable UAC.

Tool Errors

[details=Open Me]

Device Explorer Error

If Horizon’s device explorer is not reading that you have your HDD,MC, or USB plugged in,
try running as administrator.

Corrupted Profile

Delete your account, recover and remod it then tell us if it still corrupts.

Gamerscore sync

The main reason for gamer score not to sync is that you used the game adder to add games and then you unlocked achievements for those games. The games must sync to Xbox live before you mod any achievements. Immediately after adding games, plug your HDD in your Xbox and let it sit so it can sync to the servers. You can then take it out and mod those games.

Crown Modder sync

If this happens you should first go to avatar editor and save. This will help the years sync with the servers. Also the years may reset if you recover your Gamertag for any reason. Your years played will not always show up for other people. It depends on if it has synced with the Xbox Live servers.

Halo Reach

Halo: Reach Ammo And Shields Wont Work

Make sure after you mod your gamesave you click save. This rehash/resigns it so it will work correctly. Some missions, not all but some, require you to get to a checkpoint for the mods to work. Also during some missions if you are at a cutscene your ammo and shields will return to normal. You must save and quit then remod it if you wish to continue. The same thing applies to Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.

Finding gamerpics

If you are unable to find gamerpictures for certain games or it just keeps searching then it means Horizon currently doesn’t have any gamerpictures for that game.

[details=Game Adder Error]

If you get this error when adding games:

You are most likely adding too many.
Try adding less and less games, contact us if the error continues.


[details=Open Me]




XboxMB | Facebook


YouTube - XboxMB’s Channel[/details]


Ash - Banner and Helping with errors in Horizon
Ellie - Helping with errors in Horizon


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