Skate 2 100%

Can anyone help me find a skate 2 100% game save, I’ve found some but the links are all too megaupload…

I got mine off of Modio, you can probably try on there.

I’ve looked, there is one save that isn’t too great and another with 1.4 mil that is all no 100%. :anguished:

Modio would be your best bet for gamesaves.
Horizon really needs a save downloader tool, hopefully in the future it might be added.

Skate 2 100% gamesave - The Tech Game

TTG download section is a good resource for anything modding related.

This save wouldn’t work for me… If you could get it to work and upload it to mediafire that would be sick!

What isn’t working with the save?

Not sure why but it worked for G Man. :\

Well what is your problem that happens when you try to use the save?

It doesn’t let me drag the file into Horizon.

Disable UAC, once disabled, try dragging the file into Horizon.

Try to run Horizon as admin and make sure you have a save already on your USB then find your save and just replace the save with the modded one.

I’ll have to try this later.

Re-upped save as per request: skate-2-dlc-saveset.rar

Thank you bro!!! :thumbsup:< 3< 3< 3

What dlc’s are on here?