Skate3 mod tool

I think the next version of Horizon should have a skate3 mod tool, to like unlock all the spots, and all the clothing and everything.

I agree.

I also agree :smiley:

That would be pretty mad, and also to unlock all the locked decks, trucks, wheels, shirts, etc.

im with you on this :smiley:

err i hate Skate it all about Cod and grantheft and fifa :wink:

Skate 3 is to easy, but that would help for those hard to find spot

Skate 3 was easy to unlockeverything… Plus isn’t there a DLC to unlock EVERYTHING? I bought that on the PS3 and yea… Even then - I’ms ure you could hex edit the gamesave on Xbox 360…

Really no need to mod this game, lmfao

Yeah same here I Think that would be Very cool :smile:

:lol: super ollie

it’s called game save for the people who want all the spot and everything unlock duh

I Like your name i say they should i say thanks for good ideas. :thumbsup: