Not sure if anyone on here skateboards or not but check out my skateboard brand I made last year, let me know what you think. :thumbsup:

I was all about skating from around the age 9 up until about 20 when other life choices got in the way. I still love it and watch skate vids often. I still have this board that I’ve had since like 2004, every once in a while I’ll break it out and try a few tricks, I’m still pretty good with frontside pop shuvits, fakie bigspins, regular old kick flips and pressure flips… as well as falling on my ass or face, that’s why I only break it out every once in a while lol.

Anyway, I checked out your site, looking good man. Get some more products available and vids up and promote the hell out of it. Hope you do good!

well first off u need more on your website and u need a better logo that and u should not put dylan bryal on your skateboards like u have it because not everyone likes to have a board that has a big name on the back with no design if u want to put your name on it make it very small then put a cool picture

First off, he’s just getting started and his start is pretty good in my opinion.

Secondly, are you even into skating? A real skater doesn’t really care what graphic is on the board(for the most part.) If they’re really into a pro skater(or amateur at that, with a deck out) they’re going to buy his board even if it’s flat black with just his initials in tiny print on it somewhere. I come from the days of Tony Hawk before anyone thought he would have his own video game, the days of Skate or Die and 720. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought certain boards because I couldn’t resist but for the most part I always supported the skaters and companies I felt the most during my years involved in it.

I’m not going to go on anymore. Those of us who’ve skated in the past on an actual skater level or still do now know what I’m saying.

When I was really into skating from around 2004-2009 I used to love Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Danny Way, PJ Ladd, Nyjah Huston, and last but not least Lyn-Z Hawkins. When I used to skate a lot me and my friends used to hit up this skate shop near the city it was called Skate House or something. I went there the one day and they had a board that had “Ryan Sheckler” in huge letters covering the board and had a sick design one it, but it was around $200 and at the time I had no job or anything. I cut lawns and also went to work with my dad and saved up the $200 for the board and I will always remember that time because I loved that board haha. I literally bragged to all my friends about it and all that and to this day I still support those skaters, because I grew up in a time where it was if you love something work hard at it and never give it up. If I ever got back into skateboarding I will definitely buy a board with someone’s name on it, hell I bought Ryan’s when he wasn’t even that popular. So in the end of the story I guess all I can say is you are right Steve, if you support a skater or company so much you will buy their product even if it has their name across it, I buy clothing and shoes by Vans and it says their name all over it.

The store looks grade A fresh, its simple, clean, and elegant. Keep up the great work man I could definitely see this launching and becoming a big success. Keep doing you dude!

Thank you Steve and Nick I really appreciate your kind words. :thumbsup:

You should make a version without you name on it. Or even let the customer customize the name and/or the color.

It looks good but needs improvement.

Looks pretty sweet dude, I liked the video part. I dont know how passionate you are about skateboarding but I know awhile ago Aaron Kyro of Braille Skateboarding / Revive Skateboards was adding people for instructional videos and team spots. The dudes talented and has a way of really helping out beginners. If you think you’d be a good teacher I’d look into hitting him up. Real down to earth dude, messaged him once about using my music in his videos and ended up having a full chat with him about Pokémon. Haha