Skrillex Wallpaper

Edit: my wallpaper size is actually 1680x1050, photobucket resizes it smaller
My first wallpaper in a while

To gengar, Stevenwongo, and xeon

That is really good.

Looks pretty cool…

Looks nice, I like the detail in the background.

Open Me

Hope this is yours not someone else :confused:

I feel like I’ve seen this before…

it looks farmiliur but nice

Gives me an idea. I’ll whip something up tonight.

omg, really guys? come on…

The build you showed was pretty bad :\
But great desktop wallpaper. :smile:

Thanks for making a video with my name in it < 3

This is awesome, great job!

Build? Do you mean layers?
How could the ‘build’ be bad, but the outcome is was great?

nice wallpaper, but it does seem familiar. but have no doubt you created it yourself.

amazing i like it