Skyrim 360 save mod request

So if anyone here would be kind enough, I would like to take my current character whom I’ve beaten the game and all dlc’s, and mod the game to basically reset all the quests so i’m starting from scratch, but with all my skills and stuff on my characters…not sure if its too hard or anything, but if someone could, I can upload the save.

So you want someone to psychically link with your Xbox 360 to grab your save?

Also, you should make a list of what commands you want the person to run through.

and as there is no reset all quest button you would need to also find all the IDs for all quests.
So, look through that page and you should be good.

ok so i guess you really can’t reset all the main quests and stuff because you would have to bring people back to life and what not, so nevermind.

Instead you could just have a brand new character made, and have your levels/skills/items replaced through the console.

Hey you guys. I’m super new to this. And quite the noob lol but I was wondering if by chance someone could create this save for me. Not sure if I would need a jtag or whatever for it. But I would just like to have all the armor and weapons with only enchanting and smithing perks maxed out but the level of them regular. Also put the starting stamina,health, and magic at 200 with 99999 gold. Could I also have miraak and the ebony warrior as followers. That don’t die. Lol not that much right :sweat_smile:

Also do you need a hacked Xbox to use modded armors and Magic?

Create your own thread first.