Skyrim - All Skills Level 100 Glitch - Oghma Infinium [TUT] After patc

Text Tut:

[details=Open Me]Text tut

  1. Go to any home you own
  2. Activate the bookshelf
  3. Go to your books and read the book called “Oghma Infinium”
  4. Select any path you want
  5. After you have selected your path, press B (Circle on PS3)
  6. Press X (square on PS3) to store the Oghma Infinium on the bookshelf.
  7. When the book appears on the shelf, press A to read the book
  8. Select the option that says “[Do Not Read]”
  9. Take the book.
  10. Repeat steps 1-9[/details]

You can level up if you want after you select a path, but that’s optional.

Fix your BBcode and does this actually work?

I know, I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue: It messed up while I was trying to move the text up top.

And yes, my friend found it about 2 hours ago and asked me to post it here

Does this level up enchanting?


When I open the book, Nothing happens at all.

already posted

the book isnt there for me.

Where do i go?

This is the same TuT since before the patch.
I’m sure this won’t work since they patched it :confused:

  1. this was already posted, look above
  2. yes it works, i did it just the other day to get my 81 without deleting updates

I dont have that book where do you get it from?

google “skyrim wiki”
any question you have can be solved on there in the search bar

the only difference between pre and post patch i’ve found is that you can only do it at a bookshelf not anywhere there is a container like before.