Skyrim DLC's for Xbox Working or Not?

I downloaded the DLC’s from a confirmed working YT video and it shows in Horizon and all but there doesn’t seem to be any way to type in my profile/console/device ID to allow it to be recognised as a DLC, has Xbox stopped that from working on Horizon or Skyrim and is there a way around it? I am aware it is similar to other posts but I think I worded this better for any one in a similar situation as the others were a bit longer, if not acceptable please answer and delete lol.

I mean DLC is a tricky thing they have to be linked to you account in a way you can’t just download them because they are still linked to the owners account you’ll probably need to buy them and yes im pretty sure find a friend that has the DLC and license transfer with them

Borderlands, Fallout 3 worked perfectly about a month ago same with NV recently changing profile/console/etc. id, that’s why I made it specifically about Skyrim I noticed just there that in Horizon the green light beside your games is not lit for Skyrim, do know what that light signify’s? I think that may be the problem

by changing*

DRM-free dlc’s can be played on retail without a license. Skyrim offers three drm-free dlc’s. Dawnguard, dragonborn and heartfire. Once you have them downloaded, just drag them one-by-one into horizon and press the “save to device” button on the little window that appears, you shouldn’t need to change any id’s. Now just plug the flash drive into your x360 and play some Skyrim.

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That green light means that Horizon has a tool for that game. If it’s gray then Horizon does not have any tools for it.

Do what sNaKe suggested, and make sure the DLC files you downloaded are in fact DRM free versions.

Also make sure you have the necessary title update for Skyrim. If you have an older one or none at all that will make the DLCs not load up in the game.

Sorry I went away for a bit there, yeah i’m moving the dlc’s to storage now I was told it doesn’t always work from USB, how do you check it it’s drm free and what does that signify? I think I might have seen this before is it dragging dlc to Horizon and clicking contents just so I know for certain in the future? And thank’s alot all :wink:

Just here to confirm it’s working lol, cheers again

Last time lol, here is a link for the dlc’s thats all 3 and all 3 work if like me you struggled to find them this might save you hassel,

Skyrim free dlc’s xbox 360 files: