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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


drm?..enjoy it while it lasts xbox one is removing that fun with drm even on install discs


Dawnguard part 2 is broken aden.
Thanks for the upload, just bought skyrim to with the MSP for the dlc haha now I can buy new things.


that’s somewhat true but all games on XBLA have DRM…


Try this out mate
(taken from your sig aden to help out.)

Btw dawngaurd part 2 won’t download on IE but will on google chrome.


Heh, didn’t even think of this. Thanks!


part 2 was fixed. youll have to redownload just part 2. my bad


Wait… i just downloaded hearthfire it worked but the others… i cant get it to work i cant even drag it to my desktop besides how can it work when its part 1,2,3 its not even just 1 pice how will this even work??




Should be a bit easier.


It appears dragonborn part 2 is gone :anguished:


So as far as i see it this is about the same as lending a friend the bonus disc so they can get it. anyways, i’ve been able to get the hearthfire because its one file, but what do we do with the other ones? they’re in three parts, sorry for sounding noobish or whatever, but do we combine them? and if so how? can someone at least direct me to a video on these split files?>.< thanks for your help in advance


how do i combine these three???


Download winrar, put all parts in a new folder, right click any part, click extract here, then open up Horizon and put in your USB, then drag the con file in it.


…people don’t read a post that is at the bottom of a page when it is right above them

I don’t see the reason for people to upload parts these days, there is no point, and just takes up more space


I do it just because I like media fire’a speeds. I downloaded something from mega a few days ago that was over a gb and it limited me under 60kb/s and I was getting a few mb/s with media fire


Its not that i don’t understand its just when i open my files in winrar the files dont drag if i drag them it tells me that thes files may be corrupt and it gives me an access denied


Really? I get a whole gigabytye within 5 min, and I have a free account.


I do appreciate the share.



So, I downloaded this right… Only to realize I haven’t a USB large enough to copy them over.

Any suggestions? Or should I just back-up and configure my EXT HDD?


Thanks for this!!