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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


I cant figure out how to change the .rar files into STFS files. Ive searched and came up with nothing. Any help?


You extract the file(s) from the .rar

.rar is used for files that are compressed into one to save space, and to group together.

You need WinRAR to open a .rar file.


Which WinRAR do i get? I have a Windows PC.

Edit: NVM, i extracted the files. Thanks!


Herthfire seems to be removed, any other link?

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Thank you.

I got all of them working!


I guess I missed out. the links have been “compromised”!!! lol!!! get i’ll still have to fork over the cash. I think I could live without any dlc as long as I can play skyrim with the tons and tons of mods in my steam account. now just gotta find a tutorial page on transferring skyrim saves from pc to xbox 360 and xbox 360 to pc. I already have Horizon and just downloaded Modio. I just figured this would be a great chance to get some of the dlc for free. it was a cool idea anyways so thanks.


i actually found them now and am currently downloading them for later use at home. if i had 4 hands i’d try to give you 5 thumbs up! LOL!!!


nice share! i already got dawnguard and dragonborn, not interested in hearthfire but the fact we can do this is awesome!
question- i got a friend on ps3 who really wants the dragonborn dlc for this game but is going through tough times money wise, is this possible on ps3? and if so could someone send me a link? thanks.


I think the DLC is already on the disc (they only have 1), and so it doesn’t get installed to the hard drive, so that would make this not possible.


Seems as if I cant start Dawnguard. Ive talked to hold gaurds in every town and none of them give me the quest. Also I cant buy the lakeview manor. I’m not getting the dialogue options to buy it. Dragonborn works fine.


Every time it says corrupted in the xbox storage menu how do i fix this, I use modio because horizon won’t install on my pc. Please someone who got it to work tell me how?


Ask this in the Horizon Support Thread and some talented people will help you out with this issue (:


OP, Could you please reup all? NVM i saw another post with link.


Thank you so much it’s working I am so happy thank thanks a million!!!:thumbsup:


Thanks man.
Heartfire has been removed! Can you re-up? :smile:



sean this is compatible for JTAG? i have downloaded all the 3 files and inject it to Horizon then copy it to my xbox hdd when i run skyrim DLC is detected but it has a FATAL Crash Intercepted
could you help me? thanks


It should be, it’s compatible on retail consoles, so it should be compatible on JTAGs, I see no reason why it wouldn’t be.


do you have any idea why do i get the Fatal Crash Interception Error on my xbox?