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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


Don’t have a JTAG, but make sure you are on the latest update, test it with other DRM free DLC for other games, and make sure you Skyrim copy isn’t corrupted in any way.


Ok thanks for your upload it was very fast in mega +thanks


I do appreciate the share.


I get an error when I try to extract the Dawnguard files.

“! C:\Users\Nick\Desktop\Dawngaurd.part1.rar: Packed data CRC failed in C7483FF32BC57502D6401E5B3CDA1DDD286A8DEA42. The volume is corrupt”


Sounds like a problem with that file.

Here’s my link to the ones that I uploaded together instead of separated into parts:!3NQTwboZ!E14pSTmiOqRlQTQWEA-Jlg

Maybe this link should be in the main post, as people keep having issues with the other ones.


Heartfire got taken down, can you reupload it somewhere else?


There’s Italian language?


HEy guys i need help i put it in my hard drive but still can not use the the dlc. Please help


Thanks man omg I love Dawnguard and Dragonborn. You just saved me $40.


What I did was went to my storage on xbox260, plugged in USB, optimized my USB for my Xbox360. I went to Horizon I dragged the DLC file onto Horizon and hit save to device. Finally, I went to my storage on USB on the console saw it was on there and copied it to my HDD. Loaded up skyrim went to Add-Ons and it was there. Played skyrim and got the DLC. Hope this helps man.


I dont know man did u download all 3? Then drag the first file of Dawnguard into Horizon?


I needed Dawnguard and didnt’t feel like paying for it


Ok, not to be a jerk cuz it was cool of you to post up DLC, but, can you upload it in another file besides winrar? It’s just that I hate using winrar because, although it’s not a virus, it acts like a virus and is a major pain in the *** to deal with. Could you upload hearthfire specifically and the other DLCs in like a 7zip format or something?


The Hearthfire link has been removed. By any chance could you re-upload it please?:thumbsup:


Maybe you should go up a couple posts. :wink:


I’m not home to try it at the time but I dont see why this wouldn’t work.


This is for dawnguard (Maybe dragonborn too)
1: Get a usb and configure
2: Get horizon
3: Download all three parts of Dawnguard
4: Extract pt 1 and rename the thing in the file to part 1
5: Do the same for 2 and 3 rename to part 2 and part 3
6: Open horizon
7: Plug in USB
8: Inject file go to part.3 and inject
9: After completion go to xbox 360
10: transfer content
11: open skyrim
12: press start
13: loading add-ons
14: Enjoy


Don’t know if anyone said this already but hearthfire mediafire dl is down.

Just wanted to say thanks both dawnguard and dragonborn worked.


Maybe you should read the last couple posts.


Alright thanks.