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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


For Hearthfire link it says it has been removed. (Never mind)


Thanks, Ever since my Halo reach xbox messed up i wasnt able to play my saves :slight_smile: Why is it so addicting to play Dawnguard XD


No matter what I try, I can’t get the DLC to work. All the events for Hearthfire work, and that one is working fine. However, Dawnguard and DLC all inject properly, appear in my Xbox files, and under the addons sheet on the title screen. However, once I’m in the game, it simply won’t load. I’ve A-mashed on hundreds of guards until they ran out of lines, and the boat isn’t there in windhelm. I’m using a USB drive and the files from MEGA, if it helps. Thanks!


Fix the dawnguard, please


Hi, Everytime i try to inject the file, it says STFS error? I dont know what to do at this point/


Could you fix the Hearthfire and Dawnguard links? Hearthfire is completely gone and Dawn guard is missing Part 2

edit: someone was kind enough to reupload all three on page 9. Thanks.


why does this not work HMMMM???


I had download all dlc and it work if anyone would i could give by skype :


just bought skyrim on xbox live downloading it now. Can anyone confirm that the dlc will work with the games on demand version of the game?


Yes. I have the GoD version of Skyrim and downloaded all the DLC’s from here and I can confirm they all work.


Thanks you just made my weekend perfect.


Hello, i injected dragonborn into usb then copied to hard drive… it shows up on Add on’s but i cant find the boat nor the cultists… please help.


this maybe a stupid question where can i download the DLC for skyrim for the xbox360?




I have all 3 DLC’s on a flash drive that i’ve been using for my 360, but when it says ‘loading addons’ my console freezes! Any help?


dude im having the same problem. Ive been fighting with it for HOURS… I am losing faith in humanity. someone please help restore it before i go all donkeykong on my xbox :,(


this is for non jtagged/hombrew modded xbox360 consoles right?
been having a LOT of problems with that lately


Correct, you don’t need a modded console to use these.
What problems are you having?


its like not showing up for like any other similar dlc downloads that ive transferred over to my xbox 360 usb for skyrim
so i have to delete them and find some new dlc links
i just wanna make sure that these downloads will actually work for me and stuff
ill try these when i get home and let you know if i do have a similar problem


These worked fine for me so you shouldn’t have any issues. Just use Horizon to transfer them and you should be good to go.