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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


YES! People Like Grapes!!


Hey, I downloaded this and all that jazz and then I injected them into my flash drive and moved all of this into my Xbox, I tried starting the game, but now It’s just saying

“Loading Downloadable Content”

Any tips?


thanks for the dlc. I have both dragon born and and hearth fire, those came with xbox i got recently. Anyways I been trying to get dawnguard for a bit. I was wondering does this get around the annoying license check that xbox does? I tried something like this before and the file shows up in the hard drive but when I check the add ons the file doesn’t show up. Does this get around that whole mess or did I make and error most likely when I usbed it with horizon?


These are all DRM free versions so you should have no issues with Dawnguard once you get it onto your hard drive.


Ok ok I gotta ask since I just found out about modding on the 360 does my 360 gotta be in a special condition or hacked or something? o.O For this to work??


did not work, tried to get Dragonborn… all it did was corrupt my entire USB -_-


D: Oh man sorry that happened to u. Did u backed up ur stuff? o.o


You can use all these DRM free DLC’s and games on a stock system. All you need is a flash drive configured for Xbox360 storage, Horizon installed on your computer and the DRM free files. If you need any help feel free to PM me or post back.


What’s a stock system?


What’s a stock system?ah also, can I add cosmetic(like eye textures/hairdos/skin mods from Nexus? Been trying to but when I try to drag it or inject it it says wrong STFS package.


Stock System means a console that you can buy from the store and has been unmodified, so is the generic, default, retail version of the console.

No, you cannot add anything into the game that wasn’t already there on a standard Xbox 360, which then means the entireity of the Nexus is off limits.
You can convert your save to the PC version, and then use console commands as much as you want, then convert the save back to the Xbox 360.


D: Aw man. Ok thanks I needed to know that.


not there anymore but I have them already all for free My xbox wasnt modded its a 360 elite and the dlc’s for skyrim worked for me


cansomeone point me in the direction where i can download the workable dlcs for elder scrolls v on a non modded xbox. i got dawnguard but the other twoigot from the mega websitewont work on my xbox.


whats the current link the one i tried is broken


here is the current working link


Does this need like any with it or what because iv been looks these kind of things for 6 months so please dont be teasing me


I think you’re asking if DRM free DLC works, and if you can get and play them, Yes to both.
Here’s a working link for them, and a bunch of other DRM free items Click Me Enjoy!


Don’t work :anguished:


apart from hearth fire the data is corrupted thnx anyway