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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


caught a virus from zippyshare. stealth keylogger it register as.


the link does not work D:


Thanks for the share, I just recently got into skyrim.


it wont work for me when I click the link it says “this page cant be displayed” am I the only one that has this prob?


The link provided is the previous domain of Horizon aka XboxMB.

So this link should work fine:!-(Bioshock-Infinite)


dident work :anguished:


It works for me, make sure you downloaded the file and injected to a USB with Horizon.


is the dlc still available? ive tried going to the links, but it says webpage cant be displayed. i really would love to have the dlc for skyrim. thank you!


Use the search bar:!3NQTwboZ!E14pSTmiOqRlQTQWEA-Jlg


thank you!

how do i get it to my usb?


Extract from the .rar and then drag the files using Horizon to your USB.


im gonna be honest this is my first time doing this so im not quite sure how to extract or what a .rar is. can you help me? sorry for the inconvenience.


Install WinRAR:

Double Click on one of the DLC files.
Drag the folder inside of the pop up to your desktop.


its still not working it says invalid STFS package.


i got it to work. thank you very much for all the help!!!


is this still working?i try the link but appears to not be working


Use this link:!-%28Bioshock-Infinite%29?highlight=aden34

You can also get them here:


Every time i drag and drop files to horizon it keeps saying cannot access locked files, but the dlc is on the usb. When i put it into the xbox at the title screen i can see all the add-ons but when i am in game i cannot find any of the content whatsoever. no boat to solstheim and can’t craft arrows ect.??? so has this been fixed by other means by the bethesda or microsoft?


link dosent work anymore