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Skyrim DRM Free DLC Download | Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


was gonna say the link is broken. then saw the above comment =)


can some 1 send me the downloaded dlc via email im having major problems with it


Just go here:!3NQTwboZ!E14pSTmiOqRlQTQWEA-Jlg

Can someone just edit the topic and put some working link in so people can stop asking the same question?

Took a look at what aden linked this topic to originally, and there isn’t even any Skyrim DLC on that topic.


i cant downlkoaded it at all my laptop is a piece of **** i wouldv like some 1 to send me the file via email is it to much to ask


I think the DLC would be too large to attach to an email… It’s probably your internet connection and not your laptop, either way you would have to download it.


Even if someone could email it to you, you’d still have to download it. And if you cannot download via the links chances are you won’t be able to via email.


The Link Doesn’t work


Go to the previous page.

You know what, I’ll just make my own.



Same here. :slight_smile:


Um dont bump old topics, 1 year old.

@staff close?


Sorry, just like replying to stuff. I don’t like leaving questions or stuff i like unanswered. THX though. :slight_smile:


Maybe a silly question but is this for the xbox 360 or the xbox one??

Thanks for any answers


This thread is very old. It’s for 360. If you need the DRM free files you can still get them here:!3NQTwboZ!E14pSTmiOqRlQTQWEA-Jlg


Okay guys really need help here it’s telling me when I click on this link that it doesn’t exist or the account is private any reply might help so …


See the post above yours it is 4 years old !


Thanks guys I appreciate it


hello everyone i’m new here myself but not to horizon just didnt really check out this site much its more than just a modd site …cool


hey i am downloading it from the mega link as a .rar file how would i make it so i could play the DLC on my xbox


dont worry figured it out just downloading winrar