Skyrim Editor available yet?

I know about editing xbox saves with the PC version of the game, but I really dont want to torrent the PC version (as I support Bethesda and their work), so I have to ask if anyone has an update on the status of the Skyrim editor for the 360, or the Skyrim Editor feature on Horizon yet? Thanks for any information. I do not expect it to be today, but figured we are a full 5 days out from launch, and with people loading their saves here all the time, there should be a wealth of information to cross reference to help in the making of an editor.

I think people are modding x360 saves for other people using their PC game. CBA to find the thread but it’s here… somewhere.

I have utilized the generous services of these people, but I feel that it is a little inconvenience to them to do this. I know, if they didnt want to, they wouldnt offer, but I am more of a self reliant kind of guy and would like to be able to do it myself, when I want, and how I want, without having to bug others and taking them away from enjoying this great game.

anyone also thinks the lightning master spell is a bit overpowered?

I have yet to find any destruction spells over Apprentice level. Do you have to do the Winterhold quest line to get them?

you get the master destruction spells from the quest: Destruction Ritual Spell

And yeh it’s at the college of winterhold. And you need to be high level destruction before you can start the quest. ( atleast 90 destruction i thought)

i found a pc save and made it a xbox save

uhm… ok?

saying find a modded pc save and make it a xbox save not that hard plus i have the thread up in hot games section first page

i feel the same way i had sum1 to mode my money just b4 100k so i wouldnt get the achievement too earley now i need more money and dont want to ask anyone to mod it hope one come out b4 i need to remod it.

Thank you for pointing that out.

But, i wasnt asking for a save i was just stating that the master lightning spell is overpowered.

I can edit my save myself if needed, i was just explaining how you would get the spell normally :smile:

if you upload your save quick i will mod the money for you if you cant yourself

haha oh sorry :thumbsup: i was just saying its up and working

So basically the general consensus is that if I want to mod my saves myself, I should either buy the PC version as well, Torrent the PC version, or rely on others for the moment?

As far as i know yeh , or a jtag could do it with the trainer aswell:(

Ok, 360 Tools has a Skyrim Editor guys! Im testing it now.

let me know if it works, and what can you mod with it?

Ok, so the tool on 360 Tools only seems to change your statistics…

Meaning the info on your character like your highest bounty and how much gold you have found…

Nothing meaningful…

And here I got my damn hopes up… just to find a modifier for crap I didnt care to modify…

DAMN THEM!!! I want DESTRUCTION SKILLS!!! oh and lots and lots of perk points, so I can upgrade all my stuff.

And also many dragon souls, so I can upgrade all my shouts to level 3.


I want a beer…

A tool will be released soon, from what I’m told.