Skyrim - Free House in Whiterun

Skyrim | How to get a house for free - YouTube

You need 5000 gold but you wont lose any of it. This also works with upgrading your house.

Credit: Azurevesper on Gamefaqs/Gamespot


Thanks! I always seem to struggle with money in these games. >.<

thanks for this

nice i think i might try this once i get enough gold >_>

I would of tried this, but I already bought a house with all of the furnishings in Whiterun already. :\

Don’t feel bad. I did too…which is why when I saw this I wanted to shout it from the mountaintops so people did not make the same mistake we did.

At least we know about it on future play throughs.

Can you still get the upgrades?


lol i can confirm this works. i did this earlier and now i have 8,000 gold :smiley:

sneaky ******s muahahha