Skyrim Game Requirements Question

Hello all this is my first post on this site so hello but I have a question. Is Xbox Live required to play Skyrim or do you just have to install an update. I live in an area where high speed internet is not reachable :anguished: Does anyone know?

You should be able too. It’s not mandatory. If anything patches with games like skyrim usually involve bugs.

Skryim is single player and no live is needed.

Yeah I was so excited to play when I got home from work just for my Xbox to say “An update is needed in order to play this game. If you do not apply this update you will not be able to play this game.” sucked!

So you don’t have to have Xbox Live I just have to put the update on my Xbox at like a friends house?

You don’t have to have the update. It’ll just fix some things.

Uhhhm okay but I can’t play it without the patch or at least that’s what it tells me. I can’t get past the Xbox Dashboard.

Go update your Xbox and all at a friends.

Okay will do thanks all.