Skyrim glitch please can someone help?

I was using the trainer with skyrim because i got bored running for so long and used unlimited stamina but now i realized that my bow and sword animations glitched i draw the bow instantly and hit without animation but the trainer is off can someone help please i progressed so much with this glitch without realizing because i was playing with magics

I wouldn’t think WeMod would be causing visual bugs like that. If you have other mods installed on the game, they could be causing the issue as well.

But while using infinite stamina with bow the same animation happens and i am only using a language mod can it cause it?

And in my older saves bow animation is normal but i progressed so much like i said

So i checked it now it has nothing to do with mods something with wemod caused it

So i figured out something strange my right hand is broken when i got my sword to my left hand the animation is normal but when its in right hand it just hits without animation but i cant take my bow to one hand so its still broken can someone know how can i fix it