Skyrim Glitches (Xbox,PC and PS)


Xbox Note: Dual wielding any two spells will normally decrease your magic to zero. When the blue bar hits zero, you stop casting the spell. If you were to instantly recast the spell, your magic would be at zero, but you would have an infinite spell duration. With spells like detect life, this can increase your alteration skill to 100 very quickly.

PlayStation Note: When favorited, identical improved weapons cannot be dual-wielded (two fine scimitars, for example).

PC Note: PlayStation Note Equipping the Ancient Shrouded Cowl will not appear on your character. You can then equip a second head armor which will appear. Both pieces are considered equipped. If both objects are enchanted, the player will receive both effects.

PC Note: Movable objects tend to disappear when they stop moving when pushed in-game. They still exist in the game, but are invisible until pushed again.

PC Note: Some players may find that the effects for spells such as Flames and such do not have any streaming effects, merely the air around them, even from Dragons.

PC Note: Players might find that their game's version of Vampirism does not change their Player character's eyes to black with a red iris, merely a red spot in the center, curiously NPC Vampires still have the black/red effect on their eyes.

XBox Note: Occasionally when dropping a weapon from your inventory the discarded weapon will strike the player causing loss of health.

XBox Note: Equipping a sword in the left hand instead of the right plays a simpler - and shorter - animation when drawing the sword.

XBox Note: Frequently, and seemingly at random, sound effects lag for as much as 5 or 6 seconds, then will occur all at once. Don't know why this happens- I haven't been playing in an irregular manner.

PC Note, PlayStation Note: when dismounting a horse and pressing move forward the horse will move forward a little bit instead of the player right after the dismount animation is finished.

PC Note: when attempting to examine items in game, you cannot rotate or zoom on the objects unless you are using the Xbox 360 controller. Some say that disabling the "gamepad" option in the settings menu will fix this, but for others, this problem still persists.
  • To examine items on PC, using the default control setup
  1. hover the mouse over the item in the inventory screen and scroll up using the mouse wheel

  2. press and hold the left mouse button. left/right mouse movement will rotate, up/down zooms in and out

    PC Note: Some users have discovered that if you bind a spell into your right hand (using keyboard controls), it will remain fixed to that hand and can only be removed/changed with the left mouse button.

    PC Note, Xbox Note: PlayStation Note Some spells are capable of launching dragon corpses hundreds of feet if the spell is cast at the corpse. Some spells that work include Raise Zombie, Magelight, and Fury. (Video)

    PC Note: When you leave a horse (nearly) vertically on a small cliff, dismount it, and mount it again, there is a possibility that you will get stuck in an infinite loading glitch.

    PC Note: If you initiate a conversation with an NPC while holding the walk/run button, the button will invert upon leaving the conversation. (For Example, if you use hold shift to walk, you will now have to hold shift to run) This can be remedied by press CAPS lock on PC.

    PC Note: If you are in a conversation with an NPC, and open the Steam In-game Interface using Shift+Tab, you will no longer be able to use Tab to end the conversation upon returning to the game, and will need to click on the exit button in the lower right of the screen.

    PC Note: Certain types of weapons when bound to a hotkey they will become unbound if more than one is in a players inventory when the key is used, this only occurs for weapons that cannot be equipped to each hand through hotkeys (i.e. daggers do not glitch like this but swords and greatswords do).

    Xbox Note, PC Note: When moving items between to/from a container, if an item which has multiple copies (but less than the amount for the quantity selection box to appear) is moved the entire menu will jump up one line while still having the item selected, moving the selected line up one, done enough times this can take the selection off the screen. May be corrected by moving out and back into that section.

    PC Note: If an NPC changes location (via doorway) while you are in conversation with them you will be unable to finish the conversation with them, when talked to they will repeat the first line of conversation but will have no conversation options

    Xbox Note, PC Note: Water does not render correctly in occasional chunks. The water still exists, but is invisible. In these instances, there may be a rectangular patch missing from the screen. Reloading a save file may fix this issue.

    Xbox Note: Wolves and dogs run up and down (in the vertical plane) on doors while attempting to pass through, as though ignoring gravity.

    Xbox Note, PC Note, PlayStation Note: Characters that are killed by a Giant are often catapulted into the air.

    Xbox Note: Characters that are killed by a sneak attack while sitting will disappear, or may even turn up somewhere else laying on the ground (this can become a problem for certain quests that you need to receive an object from the body)

    Xbox Note: If you cast spark on wagons or wine bottles, they will be catapulted in the air. (Wagons can damage the player and NPC’s this way, and this would presumably affect most physics objects.)

    Xbox Note: Occasionally when reanimated corpses die while being on a bridge, their dust will be on the bridge and directly under the bridge. Making 1 dust lootable the other dust not (while still saying it is not empty)

    Xbox Note: When a torch is equipped in your left hand and you double tap the sprint button, your character will endlessly sprint, stopping only if you tap the sprint button again or fall from a small height (even if your stamina runs out, you won’t stop running).

    Xbox Note: PC Note Characters hit by frost icicles and arrows may have it stuck to them. For companions, it should go away eventually. For the player character, unequipping everything, saving, then reloading has been reported to solve the issue. Having the icicle stick inside is part of the animation, but it sometimes persists until the player unequippes and reloads.

    Xbox Note,PlayStation Note: NPCs may continue to comment on how sickly you look, even after having a disease cured.

    Xbox Note,PC Note,PlayStation Note: Get anything purchasable from direct conversation for free. Make sure the seller is right next to a container (any drawer, chest, etc.). Buy the item from the seller through conversation and right after selecting “I’ll take it”, exit the conversation and quickly place all of your money inside of the container before it is removed from inventory. Exit from container and you’ll have the item you purchased (this works expecially good for buying houses). Retreive your money from container and you’ll have all of your money.
    PC NoteDoes not work when buying a horse. Gold is removed as soon as the buy dialog option is selected, leaving no time to select the container (a barrel in my test).

    Xbox Note: Dragons landing on stairs can get stuck causing them not to be able to attack until enough damage is done they then fly up into the air crashing into the ground shortly afterwards, this can be abused to make dragon fights much easier.

    Xbox Note; Pausing during dialogue whilst an NPC is talking will sometimes cause the NPC to skip to their next line.

    PC Note: If the player has the Heavy Armor perk Conditioning and equips one armor from a stack of identical armors the weight of all armors in the stack is reduced to zero.

    Xbox Note: Italian language: some alchemical components has the property of “fortifica Magicka” and other “fortifica magicka”, the different capital letter cause that two right ingredients cannot be mixed. (fortifica is the translation of fortify)

    PC Note: Equip and remove an object providing fortify magicka, generate the infinite magicka glitch

    PC Note, Xbox Note, PlayStation Note: DovahLupin glitch: put a basket on the head of a bystander, cause him to do not see the crime

    PC Note: Magicka regeneration will occasionally glitch out, giving the player an extremely high rate of magicka regeneration that continues while in combat and while casting spells (the rate being fast enough to constantly maintain virtually any channeled spell, including Wards). This state persists after saving and reloading. The cause appears to have something to do with effects that modify the magicka regeneration rate, especially the Restoration perk, but a consistent cause has not been identified. On the PC version, this glitch can be terminated by using the console to open the race selection menu; even if no changes are made, this has been shown to fix the issue.

    Xbox Note: Using a floor hatch while having a zombie companion will cause the zombie to turn to dust over the hatch and make it unusable in the future.

    Xbox Note,PC Note: Curiously, if you choose to decorate your home/anywhere by dropping props and items from your inventory, if you re-enter the zone or reload a save you will find the items you positioned are not in their final location (where you put it after grabbing and moving them) but in the exact place where you dropped it from your inventory. Curiouslier, this seems to occur only when you load a save from that same area then immediately drop and rearrange the item before leaving. Loading the save, leaving the area, coming back, then drop/rearrange gets it to stick.

    Xbox Note: Requires Steady Hand 2/2, that I am currently aware of. Walk through a door crouched and with a bow out. Once through, draw an arrow so that time slows down and then reload the auto-save. When the game reloads the whole world will be in slow motion, as if you had the arrow drawn all of the time. Drawing another arrow will turn off the slow time, but it is possible to change weapon and use magic without restoring normal time. Menus appear to work at normal speed.

    Xbox Note: It is possible to obtain extra ore from veins while mining. If a player presses ‘A’ to start mining and once the third swing completes an ore is taken the player then immediately presses ‘A’ to stop mining, you can gain up to 3 ores this way as opposed to the normal 2. This is more beneficial in large mines such as Gloombound Mine.

    Xbox Note,PC Note,PlayStation Note: After brawling with certain NPC’s and putting them in the ‘wounded/limping’ state, they may not recover back to normal without fast-traveling elsewhere & back.

    PC Note Skeletons of dragons may sometimes not be present when returning to the place they were killed, but will instead reappear somewhere else in town when fast traveling to there. For example, a dragon killed at in the courtyard of the College of Winterhold may instead appear in the center of the town of Winterhold, or a dragon killed in the center of Solitude may instead appear in the courtyard of the Blue Palace.

    PC Note: Enemies may occasionally get stuck on the scenery and animate incorrectly (extremely fast and jerky). Sometimes this may result in them catapulting high into the air and then falling to their deaths.

    PC Note: When on a trade screen with a merchant or follower, sometimes clicking on a particular menu item (such as Weapons or Misc) will exit the trade screen. (This usually happens because the selection doesn’t always change when you mouse over a new option, when you left click, it actually registers it as a click on the previously selected menu item, so it closes the UI Pane)

    PC Note: Sometimes in conversations with an NPC, you will need to mouseover a option multiple times before it actually highlights the option. If you click the left mouse button, no matter where the mouse is positioned, it will always select the highlighted item. (This is especially a pain when long conversations are repeated, when exiting conversation is not an option.)

    PC Note: When an enemy would normally run a script upon spotting the player, killing the enemy with a sneak attack may prevent the script from running, often with gamebreaking consequences.

    Xbox Note: Transforming into a werewolf sometimes equips your sword (even if it wasn’t equipped before activating beast mode). Attacking raises your 1 handed skill and does substantially less damage than a normal werewolf attack.

    Xbox Note: Occasionally when casting Bound Axe, the player may have no weapon or spells show up as equipped but will constantly have the animations of carrying the bound axe. The player cannot draw any weapons or spells even if he changes equipment, and cannot sheathe this phantom axe. This effect does not seem to wear off when the spell would have ended.

    PC Note: Augmented Flames/Frost/Shock perks do not increase the damage of Flame/Frost/Lightning Cloak spells.

    PC Note: A bizarre and seemingly random glitch occasioanlly occurs with mammoths and giants. Around rocky areas, mammoths may have difficulty chasing the player when hostile. If killed, the mammoth/ nearby giants may sink through the ground. This does not seem to affect the player apart from not being able to loot the corpses.

    PC Note: Occasionally, when using the “Take All” option in a container, the item (usually gold) will duplicate. If you then attempt to take the object, the game will immediately crash.

    Xbox Note: When in Markarth, being arrested by a guard the only option to choose is to go to Jail, but when chosen the conversation stops but the player doesnt go to Jail, making it impossible for the player to loose his bounty in Markarth.

    Xbox Note: Occasionally when creating a new game from a previous game where you had an off hand spell, that spell can rare transition to that new character and be used to level said skill during the initial portion of game play. The spell name will not be shown in spell listing. (Found playing an unpatched game)

PC Note: After an unusual companion death, they may reanimate, and walk backwards on the spot: (Video)

Xbox Note: I just started a new game because i want to be a mage. I equipped "Flames" 1st in my right hand and no matter what i do it will not unequip. The one time it said it did unequip i was still unable to equip any other spells into my right hand. When unsheathing, the characters right had still appeared to have a spell equipped although there was no spell equipped and was unable to attack with their right hand.

Xbox Note: I downloaded the game to the system, and I know that Bethesda said not to but my system is old. Anyway when I went through the 2nd door in Windhelm my character got stuck and couldn't move from that spot tried fast travel and everything I could think of and finally figured out that if i cleared the system cache on the HDD and deleted the game from the  (not the save files but in the game library) then it fixed the graphical glitch and i was able to re-download it to the system.

Source: Skyrim:Glitches

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