Skyrim God Save 2015

Looks like a cool save but that would ruin the game for me, personally.

Yeah I understand & if I had not beaten it so many times normally it would for me as well.


I have used this save many hours & noticed I messed up on Stamina which should be 50Mil which I will be correcting soon, and Shouts cool down is not set properly which I will try to fix as well. Everything else is as stated, and fully functional as far as I can tell. If anyone else notices anything that I have listed to be set differently in the game please tell me so I can test it for myself & also plan on making changes to that as well.

I am considering to add a few barrels around to use as personal stash, and set the ownership to player. Maybe some crafting tables, and a few other things but in the open world.

Everyone can check back for other saves as well. Also Geozoide if you will tell me what would be a useful save for you I will try & make one for you as well if you like. Perhaps just a save that allows more carry weight, and things that wont kill the fun & take the challenge away from playing?

I will work on this in the next few days.

Well I have decided to leave this save as is. Even with all it is right now you cant possibly die so its well worth using for anyone who wants a good strong character that wont die. I just got done making a new one for Oblivion too which is currently on Modio. It has items that give stats instead of actual changes to the character its self which is everyone friendly. I will post it on the forums here as soon as I upload it & get VT on it to post.

This is honestly fun to just blaze through with. Nice save!

Thanks glad you like it. If you have oblivion be sure & check the save I just posted for it too. Shield on your a God, off your normal unless your using one of my Godly weapons.