Skyrim - Is this editor real?

I’ve seen the so called “Video” of it on youtube but not it working, and the download is a survey. So everything points towards fake but can anyone confirm its fake?

Skyrim 360 Save Editor

I would do virus scan right now, basically most thing which require a survey to download are either a virus or they are just trying to make money. Plus the image it’s self looks exactly like Horizons Oblivion editor just with a few edited parts which stand out.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, just wondered if anyone could DL it with a bypass or something to tell me if it works or if they have already DL’ed it.

Just grab the Skyrim editor from one of our fellow XboxMB members from here: top of the list.

Cheers, I’ll try it out!

Edit: It’s not what I’m looking for at all. It only let me edit my bounty :anguished:

This is obviously a picture of Horizon haha
At least they tried I guess

i think its fake.

Since when did horizon get a skyrim editor…?

Click the Oblivion one. Notice any similarities? :laughing:

Fake it’s clearly changed, it’s the same as Horizons with photoshop modifications. :L

It’s as real as my ex-girlfriend’s tits.