Skyrim mod request

ok so i as wondering if someone could mod a game for me to where i start with a lot of carry weight like 2500 plus area but i also wanted to know if it is possible to add the skyrim redone mod with the different skill classes like way faryer {i dont think i spelled that right} and light and heavy weaponry and stuff like that? i been wanting it i am thinking about switching to a pc gaming so i can do this stuff myself. if u cant do the skyrim redone mod could u make all the skills 100 but my level at 1 with the health magika and stamina at idk maybe 1000

stuff like carry weight is no prob but PC mods will not work

thats what i thought oh well but would u be able to i dont know how to send u the save file tho im very new to this

oh and i wanted uh what re they called perk points? i wanted like eh 50 of them?

I can do it if i remember how it has been a while plus you can uplaod your save here in the reply if you have the save on your PC there is a button that looks like a box with an up arrow in the reply thing

also if you can put the commands for each thing you want it is quicker to make a bat thn imput each thing seperate

i have no clue what commands to put in and its not letting me put in the save its saying the save is not authorized

commands you can google Skyrim console commands

Either zip/rar the save first or just upload the save to a site like mediafire and post the link.