Skyrim Mod Tool[Beta]

How to mod Skyrim
Open up the skyrim editor. Now click the open button, and it may take 30 secs+ to load. Now you can edit many things. But beware; Your save may sometimes corrupt if you don’t press the 3rd button at the top. Now their are plenty of things to mod.
To use the developer DVars tab, enter the dvar you want to edit, but replace spaces with “_”(No quotes). Then enter the value you want it to be. The press find.

All you do is post the same ****ing tool everytime.
Not sure if you are advertising but it gets really, really annoying.

Also, what source did this tool steal from this time?

if this is just an editor of your player stats (not one handed, destruction ect…) then this is pretty much a waste and was pretty much stolen off of Haz’s Xbox 360 Tools

Are you ******ed? It’s not Eclipse. I just used the one from Eclipse in the picture. And there are no open sourced Skyrim editors.

Its not Eclipse you just used the one from Eclipse?

That makes so sense.

It makes perfect sense. I took the one out of Eclipse and put it into a seperate project.

Still stole the tool then

I have yet to see a tool Eclipse can produce that has been coded by them/it/him/her.

Yeah I stole the program out of my own program. Is that really a big deal?

Edit: Nvm

It’s a huge deal.


This is why I said I don’t like you, posting garbage like this every other day and trying SO hard.

Because you stole someones work who put time into researching and claim it as your own. Pretty douchy thing to do.

You mad? I also don’t try so hard.

You post the same **** everyday.
It always involves this ****ing pointless tool.

This tool is nothing but a bunch of open sources stacked into one program. When you learn to actually code, please come release something.

btw, I clearly dont think he is mad, he simple stated he didn’t like you, which a bunch of us could agree on.

Is it backwords day? I made a Skyrim editor in Eclipse, made a new project for it to be one executable, “stole” the source from Eclipse and put it into the new project. So it isn’t stealing someone’s code. It’s coping and pasting my own code into a new project.

It makes sense now, you must be 10.

Didn’t bother to read the post above how? Anyway, maybe it wouldn’t come across as ‘stolen’ if you didn’t keep making AIO’s with different names.

This is seperate from Eclipse. This tool… a bunch of open sources? Please link me to an open sourced Skyrim editor?

Well sorry I made a program named EclipseX, and took the “X” out.