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Skyrim Mod Tool v2.5


does this tool work if just trying to mod your gold?


When I download it, the file extension is .7z What’s that about guy?


when i just tested the older version of the tool it worked at once… :expressionless:


That means you’ll need to use the program called 7zip (im pretty sure you can just use winrar too)


Wow, nice work ill try this later!


Use 7zip, winrar or WinZip!


just gave it a try, when i try opening my save the program comes up as ‘not responding’ :anguished:


Ok so i get the error of=

“Not a Valid CON STFS package!”

Then it just says the file location which is the desktop any ideas??? i’m bewildered by this :confused:


oh i get that error while trying to rehash and resign


Was the file modded successful nirok45???


The program may have wrote the values to a different offset, which would change what Horizons STFS tool is looking for.


No it corrupted it. The stats seem to **** up the save. So ill either have to remove them or try different coding.


Add a max all button for stats :3


The statistics won’t damage the save if edited. I hexed it myself once and they worked alright.


ok i’m confused :confused:


Your save is may corrupted of the money editor…=\


F*** thats not good anyway i can fix it???


Dont think so… But i said may corrupted…
Bad for you if you dont have a backup…


HA jokes on you i do MUHAHAHAHAHAHA but no seriously i do YAY

any way i can avoid corruption???

oh wait there was an update is this broken by that same update???

for skyrim u know


eh? I dont think the update had somthing with the corruption…